Civic Nebraska to monitor polls, offer resources during primaries

Election observation protects the integrity of and helps build public confidence in our state’s electoral process.


As Nebraskans head to the polls Tuesday to make their choices in statewide primary elections, Civic Nebraska-trained election observers will monitor several precincts around the state to ensure that every voter can vote, and that every vote is counted.

As part of its election protection program, Civic Nebraska has trained and organized three dozen election observers to monitor polling stations in Douglas, Lancaster, Sarpy, Seward, Washington, Adams, Buffalo, Saline, and Dawes counties.

Staff and volunteers in Lincoln also will be managing the Civic Nebraska Election Day Hotline, 402-904-5191, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday for any Nebraska voter who may have questions or concerns related to casting their ballots.

“Election observation protects the integrity of and helps build public confidence in our state’s electoral process,” said John Cartier, Civic Nebraska’s director of voting rights. “It’s also well-established that observation helps improve the quality of Nebraska elections. We share all information we gather with local and state election officials to identify areas of success, as well as opportunities for improvement.”

Primary election ballots differ based on voters’ party affiliation, but all registered voters have important choices to make on Tuesday, including the roughly 250,000 registered nonpartisans in the state. Here’s our video on how that works. For answers to other frequently asked questions about Tuesday’s primary election, see our 2018 Primary Voter FAQ.

About 28 percent of Nebraska’s roughly 1.2 million registered voters are expected to cast a ballot in Tuesday’s primary elections, according to Secretary of State John Gale.

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