2016 Legislative Recap


See the work that Civic Nebraska has been up to this Legislative Session!

Election Technology Committee:

Current election technology and software was developed in the late 1990s. That’s right, our current election systems are as outdated as a Ross Perot caricature. Luckily, we’ve created a select committee to address our aging systems and bring Nebraska elections into the 21st century. Close in both age and alphabet, young Senators John Murante and Adam Morfeld lead the Election Technology Committee as chair and co-chair, respectively. The committee aims to research available election systems, consider possible funding sources and arrangements, and, ultimately, submit a plan to the Legislature for funding and updating Nebraska’s election systems. Aging election equipment is a problem being grappled with across the nation and Nebraska’s innovative approach garnered interest from national organizations, including the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) who included Nebraska as one of six states in its national study of the issue.


Ballot Selfies:

Lemme take a selfie!… But wait until the general election. LB 787, a bill to carve a specific exemption in current state law to allow for ballot selfies, was amended into LB 874, an elections omnibus bill that was signed by the Governor on April 13th. The exemption does not go into effect until three months after adjournment, approximately July 20th. That gives you 3 months to pick the perfect filter #BallotSelfiesorBust #YesonLB787 #ElectionDay #TheNewIVotedSticker


Non-Partisan Redistricting:

Two years of bipartisan negotiations came to a sudden halt with a veto of LB 580 by Governor Ricketts. LB 580 created a nonpartisan redistricting committee comprised of community members that would work with the legislative research office to draft district maps after the 2020 census. The bill passed all three rounds of debate and was sent to the Governor in the dwindling days of session. Governor Ricketts vetoed the bill, but the sponsoring senator, Senator John Murante, opted to not file a motion to override the veto – essentially killing the bill and all dreams of a transparent and unbiased redistricting process.

But alas, hope springs eternal and we expect future attempts to bring this reform to Nebraska.large 

In Memorium: Bills of the 104th Legislature

Election Day Registration Pilot Program – Stuck in Committee

County to County Portability – Stuck in Committee

Pre-Registration of 16 & 17 Year Olds – Killed in Committee (How rude!)


Voter ID – Bracketed on General File

Voter ID Lite – Stuck in Committee

Call for Convention of States – Returned to Committee


Can’t wait next year!

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