Civic Nebraska and The Bay present

2021 Student Photo & Film Festival

Join us in the Railyard in the West Haymarket for our inaugural Film Festival at 3:45 pm on Sunday, June 20. Finalists' films will show on The Cube and we will be handing out awards and prizes.

The 2021 Lincoln Student Film Festival aims to highlight and showcase students’ voices and provide a creative outlet to tell their individual stories. We strive to empower and connect our youth with opportunities around the community as we believe that our community is stronger when everyone has a voice.

Event Date: June 19 - 20, 2021

About the Project

Film is a powerful tool that brings people together and allows unique stories to be told. During the last year our community and world around us has changed dramatically. The pandemic, social unrest, and the fight for racial equality has had a profound effect. The CommUNITY Film Fest provides students a way to connect with their peers – and a meaningful way to express themselves in this unprecedented time.

Getting Started

Film is a powerful tool that brings people together and allows unique stories to be told and bridges cultural gaps. During the last year, we have seen our community and the world around us change overnight. The pandemic, social and economic unrest, and the fight for racial equality have had profound effects on students. They have had to spend much of their time away from their friends and peers resulting in a lack of meaningful ways to express themselves. Our film festival is open to all Lincoln students kindergarten through 12th grade. Student winners will be awarded scholarships that they can use for their future education or purchase their own filmmaking equipment and gear.

Things to Know

Submitted film(s) can be in any creative format, including: Documentary, Short Features (Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, etc.), Music and Musicians Video, Storytelling (Visual and Spoken Word), Stop-motion or Animation, or any other formats.

Your film needs to be between 2 -15 minutes long.

Topic Suggestions

Building Community in a Pandemic

Building Community During Social Change

Building Community in in the Fight for Racial Equality


Scholarship can be used for future educational purposes including community college, four year college or trade school. Scholarship may also be used to purchase video making equipment with prior approval from Civic Nebrasaka.

Any students who attend a Lincoln school (kindergarten through 12th grade) are welcome to submit their work.

Yes! We want to provide our students with as much assistance as possible. If you need to check out a camera, fill out this form.

You can sign up for a workshop if you need help with using a camera, editing and other aspects of filmmaking. Email Michael at  for more information.

Here are some film types to get your creative brain started:

  • Documentary
  • Short Features (Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, etc.)
  • Music and Musicians Video
  • Storytelling (Visual and Spoken Word)
  • Stop-motion or Animation

Event Calendar

  • Starting January, 2021
  • Deadline: May 28, 2021
  • Event: June 19 - 20, 2021
Get in touch with experts from the Bay to learn how to use filmmaking equipment, edit, and other aspects of filmmaking.
Email Michael to schedule a spot!
The Bay, 2005 Y St
Submission window
for photos & films
May 28, 2021
Make your submission by clicking on the submission tab 👆. Good luck!
Lincoln Student Festival is now part of the Lincoln Arts Festival. Open to the whole community!
Showing will be presented at the Railyard, throughout the 19th and 20th.
Come join us for a free outdoor student film drive-in showing! The films and Photos will be streamed throughout the Lincoln Arts Festiavl and livestreamed on the Lincoln Calling TV

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