Meet Jacqueline Goering, leader of our Randolph Elementary CLC

The Hickman native and two-time Nebraska U. graduate is eager to build strong students and engaged families in the Lincoln neighborhood she and her family call home.

Jacqueline Goering is Civic Nebraska’s school community coordinator for the Randolph Elementary Community Learning Center. The Hickman native and two-time graduate of the University of Nebraska began her duties earlier this month.

As the leader of Civic Nebraska’s Randolph CLC, Jacqueline creates opportunities and support services for improved student learning and development before and after school. This goes beyond the school halls and includes programs for stronger families and healthier neighborhoods that are served by the central Lincoln school.
Jacqueline Goering, our Randolph Elementary CLC school community coordinator.

Jacqueline is no stranger to leading CLC programs in Lincoln – she comes to Randolph after spending the past two years as the site director of the CLC at Mickle Middle School. At Mickle, she organized after-school programs and clubs during the COVID-19 pandemic, which proved to be a unique experience for everyone involved.

As a resident of the neighborhood, her work at Randolph has special meaning to her.  

“I am honored to be a part of serving youth here and growing our neighborhood’s overall connectedness with the backing of an organization that is dedicated to pursuing progress in our communities as a whole,” Jacqueline said. “This is an important piece to creating an integrated and thriving community.”

Jacqueline earned an undergraduate degree in of arts in music, training in opera and musical theater. As an undergrad, she spent summers at Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries‘ Carol Joy Holling Camp in Ashland, which is where she got her start working with youth. After earning her degree, Jacqueline worked full-time with Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries for four years before moving to Mickle Middle School. In December 2020, she earned her master’s of science in child, youth, and family studies with a focus on youth development.

“I fell into youth work accidentally, but I’m super-excited that this is where my career has landed,” she said. “I really thrive organizing youth programs, and I am thrilled to continue that journey at Randolph and Civic Nebraska.”

Jacqueline and her fiance, Aaron, live in Lincoln with five roommates – two human, three canine – in a home they purchased last year. Luckily, she enjoys home-improvement projects, including restoring antique furniture. Outside the house, Jacqueline loves being outdoors with Aaron and their three dogs Meeko, Penny, and Roland – especially if water is involved.

Join us in welcoming Jacqueline to Civic Nebraska and the Randolph Elementary community. She’s at For more on our Youth Civic Leadership programs, click here.

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