31 acts in honor of the ‘Civic Season’

Are you getting into The Civic Season? Here are 31 ways you can carry that enthusiasm into your community during these three weeks – and beyond.


Happy Civic Season! This three-week stretch, from Flag Day (June 14) through Independence Day (July 4), is a first-time initiative from a coalition of museums, history organizations, and civic organizations around the country. The Civic Season asks Americans – specifically, young Americans – to expand the boundaries of our yearly star-spangled celebrations to include a new mission of reflection, understanding, and civic engagement as we chart a new national path forward.

Led by Made by Us and Civics Unplugged, the Civic Season has more than 450 online activities and in-person events around the country. The main focus is on bringing 18- to 30-year-olds into active roles in our democracy – but anyone can (and should) take part in the Civic Season. And we’ll definitely confirm that it’s been inspiring and illuminating to dig into the initiative’s activities and resources, which provide an honest look into how we’ve come to be. 

Most of all, the Civic Season motivates us to act. At the start of the three-week observance, which also includes Juneteenth and the anniversaries of the 26th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act, we’re redoubling our commitment to meaningful action. In doing so, we’re reminded of our popular “Civic Bingo” cards we produced late last year to encourage civic acts both big and small. Here are 31 of those acts you can consider while celebrating the season – and well beyond.


  1. Attend a county fair or community festival
  2. Join a neighborhood association.
  3. Plan a local park or neighborhood cleanup.
  4. Volunteer at a community center.
  5. Introduce yourself to a neighbor.


  1. Testify at a legislative hearing or city council meeting.
  2. Volunteer with a nonprofit organization.
  3. Support local newspaper readership.
  4. Host a watch party for a debate or major policy speech.
  5. Host a community conversation.
  6. Watch a legislative hearing.
  7. Volunteer to help veterans.


  1. Write a letter to the editor.
  2. Vote in a general election.
  3. Put up a yard sign for a cause or candidate.
  4. Write a letter to an elected official.
  5. Volunteer for a cause or candidate.
  6. Join a leadership cohort in your community. Examples: 1, 2, 3
  7. Serve as a juror.
  8. Make a voting pact with friends.
  9. Nominate a friend or colleague for an award.


  1. Collect food for neighbors/charity.
  2. Support a minority-owned business.
  3. Make a charitable donation.
  4. Contact a city leader about a community issue. 
  5. Shop local or support a small business.
  6. Lead a youth group.
  7. Plant a tree.
  8. Post an affirming community story on social media.
  9. Coach a youth sports team.
  10. Run for local office.

Enjoy the #CivicSeason, everyone!

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