Nebraska needs YOU for The Unify Challenge

Tired of the division? Want to show the rest of the country how to replace political fighting with problem-solving? Join us in 2022 for Nebraska's Unify Challenge.


We’ll all stick together, in all kinds of weather. That famous line from Nebraska U.’s fight song sums up the spirit of the Cornhusker State. Of course, Nebraskans don’t agree on everything – but we also don’t judge ourselves by how neatly we all agree. We judge ourselves by how we can disagree, sometimes passionately, and still move forward together.

Here’s a chance to show the nation how we do things in Nebraska, to have some fun along the way, and maybe even learn a few new things, too. In March 2022, Civic Nebraska will join with Unify America to highlight just how many common goals we all share, no matter who we are, where in Nebraska we live, or how we vote. 

It’s called The Unify Challenge, and you can be a big part of it.

What’s the Unify Challenge?

The Unify Challenge is a live, one-to-one online video conversation program designed to connect pairs of Nebraskans across political, ideological, geographical, and other demographic divides. This goes beyond just a pleasant meet-and-greet: The Unify Challenge helps Nebraskans engage in constructive dialogue about goals for our state and our nation. It emphasizes listening, dialogue, and collective problem-solving. 

Participants will come from every corner of the state, will cover an array of issues and will most certainly find mutual understanding, said Nancy Petitto, Civic Nebraska’s director of civic health programs.

“Listening to a neighbor and hearing a fresh perspective helps everyone get back to the business of solving problems instead of debating politics,” Petitto said. “The Unify Challenge will showcase that Nebraskans can have meaningful and constructive conversations with one another, even if they might vote differently, or live in different parts of the state, or have different lived experiences.”

Register now

The Unify Challenge event dates – when Nebraskans will be paired up for the live video conversations – will be scheduled for early in March. In the meantime, you can sign up for updates about the Challenge and be among the first to know when and how you can participate.

Here’s a short video on exactly how The Unify Challenge looks and works:

Sounds cool, right? We think so, too – and come March, we know Nebraska will show the rest of the country how to replace endless political fighting with productive problem-solving. 

Let’s UNIFY!

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