Take the Unify Challenge and discover the power of two

Starting March 1, Nebraskans will pair up to have positive online conversations about the issues that face our state. You can, too – sign up for the Unify Challenge!

Numerologists rejoice! Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022 – that’s two, two-two, two-two – is one of those occurrences of the calendar that’s so unique, people have dubbed it “Twosday.” Today, we’re encouraging fellow Nebraskans to TRULY discover the power of two – a number whose vibe is about partnership, patience, balance, and collaboration – by committing to take The Unify Challenge for Nebraska.
The Unify Challenge pairs up Nebraskans around the state to have meaningful, positive conversations about the issues facing our state. It’s kicking off next Tuesday, March 1, Statehood Day in Nebraska. The Challenge also will be offered Thursday, March 3, and Saturday, March 5. 
The Unify Challenge is a live one-on-one online conversation (like Zoom) with another Nebraskan who may live in a different part of the state and have a different outlook on things. It’s not a debate; it’s an invitation to have a productive, open conversation with a fellow Nebraskan to find common ground and talk about the issues. Listening to a neighbor and hearing a fresh perspective helps everyone get back to the business of solving problems.

What’s the conversation about?

You may be thinking, “A video conversation with a complete stranger? What will we talk about?” Don’t worry, we make it super-easy: Together, you’ll talk through questions provided in a conversation guide about issues that matter to Nebraskans like public safety, water, healthcare, housing, and education. And you don’t have to be “into politics.” There’s no prep needed! It takes about an hour.

Who can participate?

If you’re over 18 and live in Nebraska – you! From Sioux County in the Panhandle to Omaha in the east; Cherry County in the Sandhills and Franklin County in the south, we’re looking for proud Nebraskans to join the hundreds who have already signed up.
You’ll have three options, all virtual:
›› Tuesday, March 1, at Noon CST (11am MST)
›› Thursday, March 3, at 7pm CST (6pm MST)
›› Saturday, March 5, at 10 am CST (9am MST)

How does the matching work?

Based on the information you provide when you officially register, we’ll match you across differences. You may be matched with someone who votes differently than you, has a different background, or lives in a different part of the state. Even though a Challenge pair may vote for candidates from different parties or have different views on how to tackle specific issues, they both may care about, say, affordable housing or immigration reform.
Celebrate Twosday by discovering the power of two! Sign up for The Unify Challenge – and while you’re at it, challenge two people in your network to sign up, too. The more Nebraskans talking with one another, the better!

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