Bee our guest: Civic Valentines for you

This Valentine's Day, share your love of America and democracy.

‘Tis the season with heart, both candy and paper. Some believe Valentine’s Day is in mid-February to mark the anniversary of St. Valentine’s death around 270 AD; others believe the early church may have settled on the date to supplant the pagan celebration of Lupercalia (we’re gonna let you look up that old-school ritual, it’s not PG). Down through the centuries, the holiday was a favorite of writers and poets, including Bill Shakespeare and Geoff Chaucer, who influenced its growth. Still, it wasn’t until the 1910s that the company that would become Hallmark began distributing its official Valentine’s Day cards – and as they say, the rest is history.
With that quick history lesson, here’s our 2023 edition of Civic Valentines, a yearly tradition here at Civic Nebraska, your defender of democracy in the Cornhusker State. Enjoy! And, of course, be sure to share them with your democracy-loving sweeties!
Let’s get to it:
What would happen if a spy balloon could talk, or better yet, sing?
It’s true, U know.
There’s absolutely no reason to heckle this.
William Jennings Bryan: Nebraskan, three-time presidential nominee, diplomat, and hater of the gold standard.
American chemistry, illustrated.
We love our Nebraska Constitution, and we love these words the most.



Civic Nebraska

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