Restore the vote! Help advance LB20

The Government Committee will hear public testimony on Feb. 22.


We have an opportunity to support Nebraskans previously convicted of a felony by passing Legislative Bill 20. LB20 will restore voting rights to Nebraskans previously convicted of a felony upon the completion of their sentence, allowing them to become civically re-engaged. Make your voice heard by testifying in support of LB20 at 1:30 pm CST on Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023, in Room 1507 of the Nebraska State Capitol.

›› Contact us if you need transportation from Omaha.

As an everyday Nebraskan, your participation in this process is critical to ensure that the bill passes. With Civic Nebraska by your side, we can deliver a powerful and persuasive testimony that will make an impact. Let’s work together to make LB20 a reality!

Join us from 6 to 7 pm CST on Monday, Feb. 20, via Zoom to workshop your testimony and get tips on how to testify.

›› Register for our virtual workshop here.

Why LB20 is important

In Nebraska, people previously convicted of a felony must wait an additional two years past the completion of their sentence – including probation and parole – before they can vote. Nebraska is one of the few states to withhold voting rights beyond the completion of a sentence for a felony conviction. If you believe that people deserve their voting rights back after they’ve served their time, then senators need to hear your voice.

While some argue that the waiting period gives people previously convicted of a felony a chance to prove that they are reformed, waiting periods like these can cause those with previous convictions to feel excluded from their communities and impact their ability to reintegrate into society. Worse, it’s keeping them from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

Hear Desmond Meade live!

Join Civic Nebraska on April 13 in Omaha for Strengthening Democracy Awards, our annual celebration honoring Nebraskans who build a more modern and robust democracy. Attendees also will enjoy a keynote speech from national voting rights advocate Desmond Meade. Recognized by TIME as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World 2019, Desmond empowers and civically re-engages communities to reshape local, state, and national criminal justice policies.

In 2018, Meade led the successful passage of Amendment 4, a grassroots initiative that restored voting rights to over 1.4 million Floridians with past felony convictions. Amendment 4 was the single largest expansion of voting rights in the country in half a century and brought an end to 150 years of a Jim Crow-era law in Florida. We’re eager to hear what Desmond has to say and hope you can be there, too!

Thanks for all that you do –

Mike Forsythe
Voting Rights Program Manager
Civic Nebraska


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