Voter ID hits the floor May 22

The compromise version, advanced 8-0 this week by the Government Committee, is the "least bad" option among the voter ID bills introduced this session.

On Friday, May 19, Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature John Arch announced that debate on a compromise voter ID measure will take place on Monday, May 22.
We have described the compromise version of this measure, advanced 8-0 this week by the Government Committee, as the “least bad” option of all of the voter ID bills introduced this session. In simplest terms, what state senators will consider Monday is the cleanest, most straightforward of all versions and does the best job of protecting Nebraskans’ opportunity and ability to vote.
At least one state senator is unhappy the measure does not do more to punish Nebraska voters. There will be a floor fight, and our legislators will face a choice:
›› Allow floor amendments that would pull the measure toward the extremes and invite massive voter disenfranchisement, or
›› Advance the measured, moderate version advanced by the Government Committee and move on to other state business.
As we’ve said, we can’t in good conscience officially support any measure that makes it harder for Nebraskans to vote. But we respect the will of the voters, and if voter ID must come to Nebraska in 2024, we believe the Government Committee’s “clean” version is the best route to take.
You can help protect this measure from being weaponized against Nebraska voters. Contact state senators today. Tell them to respect the Committee’s work – and to reject any and all floor amendments designed to make it harder for you and your fellow Nebraskans to cast a ballot.
Follow Civic Nebraska on Twitter for live updates during Monday’s floor debate.

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