Capitol Experience Days

We believe that Nebraska students shouldn’t only visit the state capitol in 4th grade. As one of our organization’s flagship programs, Capitol Experience Days offer that opportunity to middle and high school students across the state. Capitol Experience Days go beyond a simple tour– they are designed to teach critical thinking, civil discourse, and the governing process through a speaker lineup of a state legislator, executive branch official (e.g. Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor, etc.) and a Supreme Court justice. Students then engage in a mock committee hearing, in which they deliberate a piece of current legislation of their choice from different viewpoints they research as a senator, supporting testimony, or opposing testimony.

By the end of the day, students have a thorough understanding of the Nebraska Unicameral, and their role as citizens in the legislative process. Capitol Experience Days create civically engaged students who understand how to effectively advocate for their communities by honing civil discourse, critical thinking, and community leadership skills.

#1 Project Overview Doc copy

#2 Legis Process Table of Contents Doc copy

#3 LB 1108 Intro

#4 drive texting bill 1108

#5 Current Events doc

#6 Popular Sovereignty Doc

#7 Testifying guide. docpdf

#8 Participation Guide.doc pdf

#9 Rubric doc

#10 Committee Process lb108 Table of contents Doc

#11 hearing_simulation Doc

#12 Committee Process

#13 Recommendations for Mock Hearing

#14 Introducing a Bill

#15 Proponent #1 LB 1108

#16 Opponent#1 LB 1108

#17 Propoenent#2 LB 1108

#18 Opponent #2

#19 UIO Testifierguide doc

#21 Agenda with Travel

#22 RSP for OPS


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