What is Mindfulness?

Join Katarina Gleisberg of the Empowered Minds Club of Lewis & Clark’s Trailblazers After-School Academy for Lesson 1: What is Mindfulness? What is it not? We appreciate comments and questions! “Have you ever…?” –said something you wish you could take back? –done something that you later regretted? –felt angry and out of control? –felt nervous or anxious about an exam or performance? –been in a bad mood but not sure why? –been in a bad mood but not even sure what emotion it is? –felt like you need a break and want everyone to just leave you alone? –had trouble falling asleep because your mind won’t be quiet or your body feels restless? –been accidentally spacing out in class when the teacher calls on you? –noticed that you do much better at sports or music or a hobby when you are really focused? This lesson’s reflection questions are: –Were you aware of any body sensations today? –Were you aware of any emotions today? –Were you aware of any distractions today?

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