Meet the Collective Impact Lincoln team

Here are the dedicated staffers who are listening, advocating, organizing and making Lincoln's neighborhoods vibrant.

Nancy: Program Manager

Nancy Petitto
Program Manager
Organization: Civic Nebraska

As the program manager, Nancy coordinates the Collective Impact Lincoln team, initiatives, and workflow. She focuses on maintaining strong community partnerships and building neighborhood leaders through Community Builder Workshops. She earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Nebraska. Nancy enjoys cooking, traveling with her husband Scott, and spending time with their dogs Frankie and Murphy. 402.904.5191,

José: University Place, Hartley

José Lemus
Community Organizer
Organization: Civic Nebraska
Neighborhoods: Hartley, University Place

José focuses on connecting neighbors and building resident-led change in central Lincoln. By empowering neighbors at the most local level, he helps residents strengthen their own civic life and address local challenges. A graduate of the University of Nebraska, José speaks fluent English and Spanish and enjoys watching and playing soccer in his spare time. 402.904.5191,  


Isabel: Everett, Near South

Isabel Salas
Community Organizer
Organization: South of Downtown Community Development Organization
Neighborhoods: Everett, Near South

Isabel helps strengthen and build community in Near South and Everett neighborhoods with the primary focus on the neighborhood experts: residents themselves. Isabel connects all levels of community, from city officials to neighborhood residents and school parents to community organizations. Isabel makes sure to emphasize the importance of communication and collaboration to build holistic, inclusive community. You can find Isabel spending quality time with her cats, playing Scrabble at Cooper Park, or singing karaoke in her free time.
Nora: Belmont, Clinton

Nora Brown
Weitz Fellow
Organization: Nebraska Appleseed
Neighborhoods: Clinton, Belmont

Nora is a recent graduate of Carleton College where she studied philosophy and Spanish. She has worked with immigrant populations in the United States, Ecuador, and Argentina, and is excited to continue this work as a part of Collective Impact Lincoln and Nebraska Appleseed. In her free time, she loves playing ultimate frisbee. 347.675.4086,
Kasey: Program Attorney
Kasey Ogle
Program Attorney
Organization: Nebraska Appleseed
Kasey works to find the most effective policy and legal solutions for the systemic problems Lincoln’s community members are facing each day. She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, where she studied sociology and criminal justice, and the University of Nebraska College of Law. Kasey enjoys spending time with her dog Gracie and doing puzzles on the weekends. 402.438.8853 x 133,

Damali Britton
Community Organizer
Organization: Nebraska Appleseed
Neighborhoods: Clinton, Belmont

Damali is a recent graduate from Carleton College who is spending the year working as the Weitz Fellow at Nebraska Appleseed. Prior to working with Appleseed, she worked for several other nonprofits.


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