COVID-19 Resources: News & Information

Vet and verify! The era of coronavirus is also an era of dubious information. The following links provide reliable, shareable information about COVID-19, the pandemic's current status, and effective mitigation strategies.

Definitions: Coronavirus Facts

WHO Information Network for Epidemics 
The World Health Organization’s EPI-WIN hub provides timely, accurate, and easy-to-understand advice and information from trusted sources.

The Coronavirus Explained and What You Should Do
From In a Nutshell, here’s a video that provides a brief history of coronavirus, how it spreads, and what can be done to slow it. 

Decoding COVID-19
A fact-based, scrollable graphic from The South China Morning Post on different kinds of coronavirus, how they spread, and how humans are affected by each variant. 

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
From GoodRx, this is a useful clearinghouse of definitions, resources, and information about the disease, as well as searchable content such as drive-through testing near you. 

Coronavirus Statistics and Research 
Our World in Data, visually shows how the virus is spreading. It includes numbers of confirmed deaths, how countries are faring, and charts on the big question: Are we bending the curve?

How We Will Beat COVID-19
From a group of public health and crisis experts and culled from multiple sources, a state-by-state look at intervention strategies.

Dashboards: Tracking COVID-19

COVID-19 Tracker 
From, this constantly updating global COVID-19 tracker allows you to pick countries, regions, and localities on which to focus and analyze specific up-to-date virus information. 

Tracking the Global Outbreak 
From BBC News, a the spread and death toll of Coronavirus through different graphs and world maps.

Coronavirus Tracked: The Latest Figures 
From The Financial Times, a range of daily graphics illustrating the coronavirus spread and death toll by country, state, and city. 

COVID-19 U.S. Cases by County
Perhaps the most-frequently cited source for current coronavirus information is this dashboard from John Hopkins University. Constantly updating with the latest official figures, with new articles published regularly.

Tools: Battling the Infodemic

Coronavirus: Scammers Follow the Headlines 
From the Federal Trade Commission, ways to avoid falling for scam artists using the pandemic as a way to get others’ personal information. 

How to Avoid COVID-19 Fake News
A useful Q&A with Jeff Hancock, professor of communication at Stanford University, on the spread of fake news (and how to ID and avoid it) in the age of coronavirus.

Fake News Can Be Deadly: Here’s How to Spot It
A comic from NPR’s LIFE KIT podcast about practicing good “information hygiene,” too.

Fake Coronavirus News: Hazardous to Your Health  
Advice from Dr. Thomas Ken Lew, assistant clinical professor of medicine at the Stanford School of Medicine and an attending physician of hospital medicine at Stanford Health Care, on how to vet coronavirus news. 

Avoid Misinformation About COVID-19
Smithsonian Magazine talks with experts on why fake news about coronavirus spreads, how to check the credibility of a news source, and what specific elements to look out for as the pandemic continues.


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