Have designs on voting? Us too.

Pixel Bakery Motion Studio and Goldenrod Pastries are encouraging Nebraskans to vote -- and to become lifelong voters -- with two cool new poster designs. Proceeds go to Civic Nebraska's Voting Rights Advocacy program.


Excitement is rising as Election Day 2018 draws near. It reminds us that this kind of enthusiasm is a real path toward millions of Americans becoming lifelong voters. You’ve probably heard the saying that voting is a habit – that is, people are more likely to vote in a current election if they’ve voted in previous ones. A healthy American democracy is one in which citizens get truly addicted to casting ballots.

Our friends at Pixel Bakery Motion Studio and Goldenrod Pastries agree. In fact, they’re urging you to take that notion and paper your walls with it. The Lincoln businesses have teamed to create this slick pair of original posters that celebrate and encourage the custom of voting. Leg Day, Arm Day, Election Day: Exercise Your Right connects building bodily health with strengthening civic health; while Your Nebraska Voting Calendar provides you a place to keep all of your “I Voted” stickers all the way up to our nation’s Tricentennial.

“Exercise Your Right” by Pixel Bakery Motion Studio


“Nebraska Election Calendar” by Pixel Bakery Motion Studio


Closeup of “Nebraska Election Calendar”

How can you get your hands on these cool designs? We have a limited run at Civic Nebraska HQ, 1111 Lincoln Mall, Suite 350, on sale for $20 each. Starting Oct. 16, the posters will be available at Pixel Bakery’s online shop: Click here and select your favorite design. Or, hey, get both, no reason to be choosy if you don’t want to be.

If you want to pick one up in person, you can stop in at Goldenrod at 3947 S. 48th St. starting next week (We’d recommend also getting a Crumble-Bun or ten while you’re there, not that we have a favorite item from Goldenrod or anything).

Your purchases, by the way, will benefit your democracy. Pixel Bakery and Goldenrod are donating proceeds from the posters to Civic Nebraska’s Voting Rights Advocacy program. We’re honored to be partnering with Nebraska businesses that are not only doing incredible work in their respective fields, but that are also amazing role models for civic engagement, and who actively advocate for our most important of American rights.

Thanks to both businesses for stepping up for democracy!

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