Focus: Leadership Development

Every resident has a vision for their neighborhood. Our neighbors work with Collective Impact Lincoln to create change. Collective Impact Lincoln provides civic training and opportunities to advocate for the change neighbors want to see.

Community Builder Workshops

Community Builder Workshops help our neighbors develop advocacy, leadership, and community development skills. Since 2017, Collective Impact Lincoln has hosted 12 Community Builder Workshops and trained 198 neighbors.

Neighbors have been very open to learning Community Building skills; 43%of those asked13 said they were interested in attending a Community Builder Workshop. An additional 20% of neighbors indicated they might be willing to attend later. Only 38% indicated they were not interested.

Community Partnerships

Our neighbors have leadership and skills they are willing and able to share. Collective Impact Lincoln helps them identify and serve on public service organizations, local boards, and advisory committees to advocate for the change they want to see in their communities.

Collective Impact Lincoln partnered with or supported 30 action committees involving more than 50 groups or organizations focused on issues from community development and creative placemaking to housing, health, economic self-sufficiency, and voting.

In addition, neighbors involved in Collective Impact Lincoln collaborated on 34 different neighborhood projects. These ranged from education on renters’ or workers’ rights, to efforts to start new neighborhood activities like farmers’ markets, to planning and participating in neighborhood celebrations.

Focus on: Grassroots Community Engagement

Collective Impact Lincoln works with neighbors to build relationships and understand how neighbors want to improve their communities. Engaging one another in conversation builds relationships, establishes connections, grows leadership skills, and sustains projects. Collective Impact Lincoln hosted events, met with residents, and used text- and phone messaging when in-person activities were not possible.

In addition, Collective Impact Lincoln hosted 55 other events involving more than 1,400 residents and aimed at addressing neighbors’ concerns and visions. These events included:

  • Pop-up farmers’ markets in University Place to address needs for access to fresh foods and community gathering spaces
  • “Reclaim your neighborhood” events around the revitalization of Cooper Park and plans for property purchase in the Near South neighborhood.
  • Listening and discussion sessions around topics, such as Lincoln’s affordable housing plans, neighborhood zoning, medicaid, healthcare access, early childhood needs, and the impacts of COVID-19.
  • Celebrations and social events that bring neighbors together to foster connections and appreciation of neighborhood strengths.

Some neighbors said that they were willing and able to engage with their neighbors: 38%14 said they interacted with others in their neighborhood often.

  • 71% said they are comfortable having a conversation with newcomers in their neighborhood.
  • 43%15 said they are interested in volunteering for neighborhood-specific events (such as a block party or a potluck).

13Based on 122 responses.
14Based on 122 responses.
15Based on 72 responses.