What We Can Do Next

Together, our neighbors and Collective Impact Lincoln are lifting up Lincoln’s core neighborhoods and creating resident-led positive change. The impact of efforts made over the past three years are far-reaching. Collective Impact Lincoln has engaged with community members to establish safe neighborhoods and advocate for adequate, affordable homes. Today, more Lincoln residents possess civic skills, engage in community activities and volunteerism, and are effective community leaders. In the coming years, Collective Impact Lincoln will continue to support transformative changes that improve the quality of life for Lincoln residents.

Neighborhood canvassing highlighted residents’ concerns with housing affordability and adequacy. Based on these findings, Collective Impact Lincoln will continue to gather input on housing policy solutions, provide education surrounding housing policy issues, and educate residents on the processes to share their testimonies at City Council and state legislative hearings. Collective Impact Lincoln will continue to identify neighborhood leaders, provide ongoing leadership development workshops, and connect residents to advocacy opportunities.

Collective Impact Lincoln will continue to listen to residents and empower them to take actions based on their hopes and dreams. Collective Impact Lincoln will use the abundance of data collected through conversations with community members to inform future projects and activities.

Based on neighbors’ input, Collective Impact Lincoln will focus on:

  1. Highlighting the value of these neighborhoods by talking about their assets: good neighbors, affordable homes, and other amenities.
  2. Providing opportunities for neighbors to engage with one another.
  3. Encouraging policymakers, leaders, and police to positively engage with our neighbors and share information on community issues.
  4. Continuing Community Builder Workshops to connect neighbors to policymakers and leadership.
  5. Partnering with local leaders and departments to improve housing conditions, address problem properties, improve conditions and costs for renters, and increase affordable housing.
  6. Improving access to availability of fresh food and grocery stores close to neighborhoods.
  7. Sharing information and resources relevant to the various needs and goals of residents across the neighborhoods.

What did we miss?

We want to hear your feedback and suggestions based on the information in this report. Reach out to Collective Impact Lincoln to learn more about this report, our work, and to get involved: