5 things about summer intern Kendra Mullins

Each summer, interns bring new ideas and energy to Civic Nebraska. This year we're happy to have Kendra Mullins, a social work major at Nebraska Wesleyan U., on our team. Kendra has been working closely with Collective Impact Lincoln's José Lemus. We appreciate how quick of a study Kendra is, and how dedicated she is to her school, community, and state.


Hello, I’m Kendra Mullins, a Collective Impact Lincoln community organizer intern with Civic Nebraska this summer. I’m working on a panel discussion on at-risk youth and organizations in Lincoln that are proactive in keeping youth out of incarceration and helping them succeed in school and in life. At Civic Nebraska I work closely with Community Organizer Jose Lemus, whose focus is on University Place Neighborhood.

I’m a student at Nebraska Wesleyan University. My major is social work. I’m not quite sure what area I want to work in yet. Good thing I still have three years to figure it out. 

I like to be busy. I am never in my dorm room — or anyplace — too long, except for my classes, of course. I am in two clubs, two committees, have two on-campus jobs, plus the Student Affairs Senate. Luckily, I still find time to volunteer off-campus. 

I like poetry. Though, I don’t necessarily read other poets’ poetry, unless I have to for class. I latched onto poetry in seventh grade and it’s such a beautiful form of art and an easy way to express myself. Remember: There is no such thing as wrong poetry.

I am originally from Georgia. I moved to the small town of Elwood, Nebraska, five years ago. The population is fewer than 800, and it’s a small town surrounded by corn and cattle. As much as I disliked it when I moved there, I’ve grown attached to seeing the corn grow over the summer — and I am sad when it’s all gone.

I am glad to have the chance to be an intern here at Civic Nebraska. The people here are friendly. They’re also very dedicated to their work. 

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Josephine Smith
5 years ago

So very proud of you, Kendra! Keep doing great things! Keep being great! Not even the sky should limit you!! ❤️

5 years ago

Extremely proud of you..keep up the excellent work…i wish yu the best in all your endeavors..

Jaclyn Jones
5 years ago

So very proud of you. Keep reaching for greatness.


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