Civic Nebraska Heads West – Voters share their stories in Grand Island


On the road: Blog post from Community Organizer Kinzie Mabon. Kinzie and fellow organizer Shannon are spending a week on the road, meeting with voters and learning about elections in central and western Nebraska.

Last night, Shannon and I had the pleasure of visiting Grand Island for a “Your Voter Story” community event. This is just one of many that we have organized throughout the state of Nebraska, with upcoming events in Kearney, North Platte, and Scottsbluff.

Those who attended Your Voter Story were rowdy and ready to get involved!

The purpose of this event was, first and foremost, to have a robust discussion about voting in Grand Island– and boy did we!– and secondly, to educate Grand Islanders about Civic Nebraska and the legislative initiatives we are working on this session as well as giving them the tools they need to be successful Voting Rights Advocates (Sign up to be one here)!

Grand Island voters chat with Community Organizer Kinzie Mabon about elections in Hall County
Grand Island voters chat with Community Organizer Kinzie Mabon about elections in Hall County

Our community member-led discussion largely centered around the lack of voter education in the area, and the need for bilingual poll workers in Hall County. Our new Voting Rights Advocates want to increase local knowledge of early voting and vote by mail opportunities, as well as educate voters on the positions and candidates they’ll be voting on in the 2018 election.

Shannon and I were overjoyed to listen to everyone share their thoughts and ideas for improving voter turnout in 2018! I can’t wait to come back to Grand Island and continue working with all of the passionate, caring, thoughtful people that sat down with us.

It is my hope that Civic Nebraska and our Grand Island Advocates can help Hall county recruit bilingual poll workers to improve language accessibility for non-English speakers and help to educate voters about their rights and opportunities for early voting. Together, we can increase participation in our democracy!  

Be sure to check out our upcoming events on our Facebook Page.

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