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This virtual tour highlights the history of our unicameral Legislature; Nebraska state government; personal insights from state senators; educator resources; and facts and features of the art and architecture of the Nebraska State Capitol building.
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Welcome to the Nebraska State Capitol

Amanda Barker gives a brief history of how George Norris advocated for the unicameral system of governing to usher in a time- and money-saving government structure.

Unicameral History

Ami Johnson provides comprehensive descriptions of the birth of the unicameral system, how it works and why it saves money, time, and better reflects the needs of urban and rural Nebraskans. Photos of the senate in action and an explanation of how a bill becomes a law.  

Nebraska Government 101

Amanda Barker takes you through the structure of our government and how the legislative process works.

A comprehensive lesson plan for classroom use. Can be used with the Nebraska Government 101 video and slide deck for a deeper dive into the legislative process.

This PowerPoint presentation illustrates how Nebraska’s executive, judicial, and legislative branches are structured to administer, enforce, and create our state’s laws.

How a bill becomes a law

Amanda Barker on how an idea goes through research, bill drafting, introduction, debate, amendments if necessary, and the file process – and, if approved, to the governor. 

The Legislative Branch

What motivates Nebraskans to serve? What is the most interesting part of being a state senator? 2021 state senators provide personal perspectives on holding elected office.

Sen. Matt Williams
Sen. Megan Hunt
Sen. Matt Hansen
Sen. Tony Vargas

The Executive Branch

Nebraska's state treasurer, John Murante, explains the duties of his office and what is involved in being a member of the Executive Branch of Nebraska's state government.

John Murante: The Duties of My Office
John Murante: Why I Serve
Amanda Barker: Deputy Executive Director of Civic Nebraska and Director of Civic Health
Ami Johnson: Public Information Officer at Nebraska Legislature - Unicameral Information Office