Omaha, it’s time to donate to democracy

Civic Nebraska is taking part in Omaha Gives! on May 23. Your gift helps us serve hundreds of Omaha children daily in our after-school programs at OPS schools.


On May 23, Civic Nebraska will be part of Omaha Gives!, a 24-hour charitable challenge through the Omaha Community Foundation. Omaha Gives! highlights the city’s spirit of giving and celebrates the combined determination it takes to make Omaha great. You can donate to Civic Nebraska through the community-wide “online giving holiday” here.

We’re joining other Omaha nonprofits to raise money together and to compete for prize money. The more donors who give to us, the more likely we are to win prizes – so we’ll need your help! But more importantly, your gift directly funds Civic Nebraska’s transformative youth-driven programs, which touch the lives of nearly 400 Omaha children every day. Our after-school initiatives at Sherman, Lothrop, and Lewis and Clark schools build future leaders by forging proficiencies in civic leadership, service learning, STEM, and career readiness. And they empower students to be the change they wish to see in their communities.

Children at Lothrop Elementary in Omaha learn civic leadership, STEM, and career readiness skills as part of our after-school programs.

You can help Civic Nebraska create a more modern and robust democracy for all Nebraskans by supporting us during Omaha Gives! and advocating for us throughout the day Wednesday. And, here are a few suggestions on showing your support for us:

Save the date – and encourage others to, too. Wednesday is going to be a huge day for generosity in Omaha. Be sure to let friends and family know in advance that you’re participating in Omaha Gives! and that you’re supporting Civic Nebraska. And, feel free to point them to our donation page at

Schedule your gift in advance. For your convenience, you can schedule an advance gift through Tuesday and it will count toward our Wednesday total. We think of scheduled giving like early voting; it ensures peace of mind. If you think there’s even a slim chance you might be kept from participating in Omaha Gives! on Wednesday, you can donate in advance.

Or, donate to us on the big day. Drop by our page to lend your support anytime from midnight to midnight Wednesday. No gift is too big or too small, and every dollar pushes us closer to our goal. Donations of $25 or more receive a vinyl sticker of the Civic Nebraska seal logo, which, by the way, looks great on a laptop or a car window.

Give us some “link love.” Social media posts on Wednesday about your support of Civic Nebraska can serve to challenge friends to step up for our organization. If you like, include a link to our Omaha Gives! donation page in your post, along with a reminder that your friends’ and followers’ support can help us earn prize funds.

Follow along on the big day. Check in on the Omaha Gives! leaderboard throughout the day Wednesday. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on our progress. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Thanks for being a friend to Civic Nebraska. We’re eager to be a part of Omaha coming together to give big on Wednesday, and we’re glad to count you among those who support Omaha kids.

Civic Nebraska’s Trailblazers after-school program at Omaha’s Lewis and Clark Middle School is an essential resource for students to gain community leadership, service learning, and STEM skills.

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After School Programs

  • Sherman Elementary School

    5618 N 14th Ave.
    Omaha, NE 68110

  • Lewis and Clark Middle School

    6901 Burt St.
    Omaha, NE 68132

  • Lothrop Magnet Elementary

    3300 N. 22nd St.
    Omaha, NE 68110

  • Campbell Elementary School

    2200 Dodge St.
    Lincoln, NE 68521

  • Lincoln High School

    2229 J St.
    Lincoln, NE 68510

  • Lincoln Northeast High School

    2635 N. 63rd St.
    Lincoln, NE 68507