Our 2020-21 annual report: STAND FAST!

For meaningful progress, we must stand together in mutual responsibility. We must stand out and create the world we imagine. We must stand guard to protect democracy. And most of all, we must stand with purpose. WE MUST STAND FAST.

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Dear friends,

We’ve always known Civic Nebraska’s most important role is connecting everyday people to their inherent democratic power. Like so many organizations in 2020, we found ourselves facing unexpected challenges amid unprecedented disruption. When coronavirus brought much of the world to a halt, Civic Nebraska knew that connection was more important than ever. We redoubled our efforts to link Nebraskans with the resources, skills, and connections to fully participate in our democracy, in person and virtually.

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As the months progressed and a broad swath of Americans rose up against historic injustice, Civic Nebraska helped translate that powerful energy into consistent civic participation. And, during the turmoil and difficulty, we have relentlessly guarded against harmful election policies and educated voters so that they are not locked out from exercising one of their most fundamental rights.

This year has tested everyone’s resolve. But we have also seen the very best of our state, an unflinching faith in ourselves and our shared values. Our 2020-21 annual report, Stand Fast!, captures that unwavering optimism.

I invite you to look through and celebrate Civic Nebraska’s progress in the past year, and to get a glimpse of where our march heads next. Enjoy!


Adam Morfeld, J.D.
Executive Director and Founder
Civic Nebraska

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