Music to vote by: Civic Nebraska’s primary playlist

Introducing our Election Day playlist for the May 15 statewide primaries.


Welcome to Election Day in Nebraska. Today, hundreds of thousands of voters will head to the polls to cast their ballots in the statewide primary election. We’re excited because almost 50,000 more Nebraskans have registered to vote in the 2018 elections compared with 2014. Well done, Cornhusker State.

More voters registering to cast ballots is music to our ears — and so, in that spirit, we offer the inaugural Civic Nebraska Election Day Playlist so you can sing and dance your way to the polls. Hear our picks below — or, if you want to take them with you, get the playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

“The Star-Spangled Banner (Live at Woodstock),” Jimi Hendrix

C’mon. It’s a no-brainer. This is how you should start every baseball game, hotdog-eating contest on Memorial Day, wedding reception, and playlist about voting. As long as it’s the version by Mr. Hendrix. 

“Let’s Get It Started,” Black Eyed Peas

Primary elections are crucial steps to setting the stage for the general election in November. 

“Know Your Rights,” The Clash

Compared with some states, voting in Nebraska is easy. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Know what’s expected on Election Day before you head to the polls

“Get Up, Stand Up,” Bob Marley and the Wailers

Building a modern and robust democracy takes hard work. One of the most potent tools we have is our vote. Don’t waste it.

“My Shot,” Cast of ‘Hamilton’ 

Wisdom from a Founding Father.

“We Take Care of Our Own,” Bruce Springsteen

Vote for yourself, your family, your neighbors, and for our extended Nebraska family. We’re all in it together.

“Freedom,” Pharrell Williams

Your first name is Free
Last name is Dom
We choose to believe
In where we’re from.

“Elected,” Alice Cooper

‘Cause that’s what it’s all about.

“Won’t Get Fooled Again,” The Who

Whether you’re reaffirming your support for a candidate or looking for someone new, it’s important to study your ballot early and often. If you haven’t perused sample ballots yet, here’s a link for you

“This is Why We Fight,” The Decemberists

Dystopian Hunger Games-like imagery in Decemberists videos aside, Civic Nebraska works every day to keep the state’s elections modern and accessible. Election Day — even a primary Election Day — is a big deal to us, and we’re pleased to see that it’s becoming a bigger deal for everyone.

“Life is a Highway,” Rascal Flatts

The old saying is that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. We can’t be discouraged if a race or two doesn’t go our way. Like the song says, there’s a world outside every darkened door. Voting is a lifelong commitment to democracy. So vote today, and vote in every election going forward.

“Run The World (Girls)”, Beyonce

Neighborhoods, towns, and cities that vote get more attention and responsiveness from candidates and elected officials. Few visit or listen to neighborhoods, towns, and cities that don’t have high voter registration and turnout. If you register and vote, you greatly increase the likelihood that you will command their attention.

“So American,” Portugal. The Man

All elections are consequential, but the 2018 election in particular is shaping up to be a doozy in that department. Today’s primary should be the first round of a very notable election year. 

“The Choice is Yours,” Black Sheep

As the song says, you can get with this, or you can get with that. It’s important to remember that in Nebraska, nonpartisans can get with one of three different parties during the primaries. Check out our explainer video.

“I Can Change,” Lake Street Dive

The United States is one of just a handful of democracies that puts the responsibility of registering to vote on its citizens. That’s one reason why the United States tends to be behind places like Belgium, South Korea, Israel, Mexico, Canada, and Australia in voter turnout. To live up to our belief that we’re the greatest country in the world, we need to participate in its decision-making.

“New Millennium Homes,” Rage Against The Machine

There are as many reasons to vote as there are voters. No matter what the reason, however, the act of voting remains a fundamentally hopeful one. 

“Dreams,” Fleetwood Mac

You want your freedom? Well, who am I to keep you down?

“Change The World,” Eric Clapton

It’s true — your vote, along with the votes of others, can change the world. There is power in numbers. 

“Don’t Stop Believin’,” Journey

Voting is one of the most deeply held American traditions. Civic Nebraska’s voting rights program makes sure that trust and belief in Nebraska elections remains high. It’s one of many ways we create a modern, robust democracy in the Cornhusker State.

Sufficiently pumped up? We are, too. Now it’s time to do our civic duty. We’ll see you at the polls!

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