Lincoln is facing a crisis.

It’s up to everyone to confront it.

Lincoln was struggling with housing affordability before COVID-19. As we emerge from the pandemic, we can’t wish this crisis away. We have to listen, learn, and then help lead our community through it.

Together, Lincoln can lead meaningful change so all of us have safe, affordable, adequate homes.


No more than 1/3 of your income should be spent on housing.


Number of eviction hearings from September 2020 to January 2021.


Number of evictions ordered from September 2020 to January 2021.


Number of people that it takes to make real change. That’s you.

Our Work

Through policy, activism, events, and awareness campaigns, Collective Impact Lincoln and partners take daily action to address our housing crisis.


We can all act right now to end the eviction crisis in our community. Here is an assortment of ways to get involved, no matter your time or resources.

Tell your

Everyone in our community has a story. As we move forward together, Speak Up is sharing stories from Nebraskans who are directly affected by housing insecurity and eviction through a series of short films and other media.


From Matthew Desmond's seminal work Evicted to local stories and information that put a human face on the housing crisis, there are no shortage of ways to learn more about the issue before us – and what it will take to solve it.


Whether you are directly affected by housing instability or if you simply care about others and want your community to thrive, you can act today.

A uniform evaluation tool to determine if housing developments will ultimately benefit our community and address its needs for affordable housing.

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Sign up for the Collective Impact Lincoln / Speak Up For Housing Rights newsletter. In addition to neighborhood-building information, this email newsletter connects readers with information and news about Lincoln’s housing crisis, shares opportunities to get involved, and provides specific calls to action on behalf of our neighbors who are being unhoused.

The Eviction Crisis

Since COVID-19’s onset, hundreds of families in Lancaster County have been scheduled to be evicted.

Affordable Housing

21,655 Lincoln households are cost-burdened by their housing.

Turned Away

Our communities are strongest when everyone has access to safe, affordable housing to care for our loved ones and enjoy a quality, healthy life.
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