Eviction Crisis

What’s the problem?

As federal unemployment insurance expires and eviction moratoriums lift, Lincolnites must Speak Up for Housing Rights. A local coalition of local organizations are bringing this urgent situation to the forefront in our community through interactive events, forums, and community projects.

Lincoln was struggling with housing affordability before coronavirus. Housing was unaffordable for nearly half of Lincolnites who rented; nearly 22,000 households were cost-burdened by housing and 85 percent of extremely low-income residents spent more than a third of their incomes on rent.

Since COVID-19’s onset, hundreds of families in Lancaster County have been scheduled to be evicted. Because renters are more likely to work in service and hospitality, two areas devastated by the virus, the pandemic has only made things worse: An estimated 18% of Nebraska renters were at risk of eviction by Sept. 30, 2020.
This level of displacement risks widespread disruption of the entire community, not just in the short term but for years to come. Therefore, we need solutions from across Lincoln. Lincolnites must understand the negative consequences mass eviction has on all of our city.

That’s where Speak Up comes in, and more importantly, that’s where you come in. Speak Up has gathered experts both local and national to discuss how our city can and should engage, and act on the eviction crisis throughout 2021 – and beyond.

We can’t wish this crisis away. We have to listen, learn, and then help lead our community through it. The good news is that we all can do something. Together, Lincoln can lead meaningful change so all of us have safe, affordable, adequate homes.

Our work

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Our work

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