Take Action

We can all act right now to end the eviction crisis in our community.
Here is an assortment of ways to get involved, no matter your time or resources. 

Write, email, or call elected officials.

Express your concern about the city’s eviction crisis and encourage them to take any and all steps necessary to protect our fellow Lincolnites from eviction. 


Here are recent tutorials from Collective Impact Lincoln on how to effectively advocate at both the city and the state government levels. 

Support the Tenant Assistance Program.

You don’t have to be a lawyer to get involved with this effort, which provides free legal representation to those facing eviction. Nebraska licensed attorneys, law students, and community volunteers can all connect and support this vital program. 

Put your time, talent, and treasure to work.

If you have special skills, access to information, or have available resources, you can put them to work on this issue. Contact us to learn of ways you can get more involved. Remember: Many hands make light work! 

Share the Eviction Lab’s research results

An interactive national database of evictions. Research eviction rates across the U.S. and learn where our community and state fits in using. Then, share this research with neighbors, local leaders and elected officials. 

Share your thoughts

City of Lincoln 2020 Affordable Housing Coordinated Action Plan, finalized in November 2020, outlines strategies and partnerships to protect and enhance the health, safety, economic opportunity, and quality of life in Lincoln. Read the plan and give city leaders your thoughts. 

Join this campaign.

Are you a member of a local organization, a business, or a group of neighborhood advocates who want to help end the local eviction crisis? 

Education: films

Behind on Rent

A short film by Lincoln filmmaker Gabriella Parsons that shares the stories of housing-insecure Nebraskans and their families amid the COVID-19 pandemic. BEHIND ON RENT highlights the human toll of our burgeoning eviction crisis and features those who are working to protect our most vulnerable neighbors. 

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Sign Up

Sign up for the Collective Impact Lincoln / Speak Up For Housing Rights newsletter. In addition to neighborhood-building information, this email newsletter connects readers with information and news about Lincoln’s housing crisis, shares opportunities to get involved, and provides specific calls to action on behalf of our neighbors who are being unhoused.

The Eviction Crisis

Since COVID-19’s onset, hundreds of families in Lancaster County have been scheduled to be evicted.

Affordable Housing

21,655 Lincoln households are cost-burdened by their housing.

Turned Away

Our communities are strongest when everyone has access to safe, affordable housing to care for our loved ones and enjoy a quality, healthy life.