Take Action

We all can act now to end the eviction crisis in our community.
Use these entry points to get involved, no matter your time or resources. 


Write, email, or call elected officials.

Express your concern about the city’s affordable housing crisis and encourage them to take any and all steps necessary to protect our fellow Lincolnites. 


Tutorials from Collective Impact Lincoln on how to effectively advocate at both the city and the state government levels. 

Support the Tenant Assistance Program.

You don’t have to be a lawyer to get involved with this effort, which provides free legal representation to those facing eviction. Nebraska licensed attorneys, law students, and community volunteers can all connect and support this vital program. 

Sign the petition.

Banning source of income discrimination in Lincoln is a common-sense reform that would help protect thousands of local families.

By signing on to our petition, you are joining housing advocates in calling on the city to protect renters. Lincolnites need and deserve these protections. It’s time to ensure our community can better afford the rising cost of housing, promote inclusivity, and create a more equitable and prosperous future for all residents of Lincoln.

Share the Eviction Lab’s research results.

Research eviction rates across the United States and learn where our community and state fits in. Be sure to share your research with neighbors, local leaders, and elected officials. 

Share your thoughts.

The City of Lincoln’s Affordable Housing Coordinated Action Plan, finalized in November 2020, outlines strategies and partnerships to protect and enhance the health, safety, economic opportunity, and quality of life in Lincoln. 

Read the plan and give city leaders your thoughts. 

Join our campaign.

Are you a member of a local organization, a business, or a group of neighborhood advocates who want to help end the local eviction crisis?