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Housing is a human right.
It is the foundation for health and well-being, enabling people to live with dignity, quality of life, and basic access to opportunity.

Tenants add social, cultural, and economic value to Lincoln.
We must value their voices and prioritize their rights.

We are all in this together.
Ensuring all Lincolnites have affordable, adequate, and humane places to live without fear of eviction has social, environmental, and economic effects that span our entire community.

We must all own this problem to defeat it. And we can’t wait.
The need for accessible, safe, and affordable housing is an urgent issue and we all have a role and responsibility in maintaining a safe, diverse, equitable community.

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The Eviction Crisis

Since COVID-19’s onset, hundreds of families in Lancaster County have been scheduled to be evicted.

Affordable Housing

21,655 Lincoln households are cost-burdened by their housing.

Turned Away

Our communities are strongest when everyone has access to safe, affordable housing to care for our loved ones and enjoy a quality, healthy life.
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