Stand Fast

Civic Nebraska Annual Report



For meaningful progress,
We must stand together in mutual responsibility.
We must stand out and create the world we imagine.
We must stand guard to protect democracy.
And most of all, we must stand with purpose.


We are often reminded that we live in “uncertain times.” Yet, from our perspective, many important things have remained unchanged. Throughout this extraordinary year, as we’ve worked to connect more and more Nebraskans to civic power, we can’t help but be encouraged by what we’ve experienced.

Standing Guard

A modern and robust democracy requires free, fair, and secure elections. Through organizing, advocacy, and litigation, Civic Nebraska fights for a system in which justice and equality are paramount, and democratic participation is truly representative of our great state.

Standing Out

One of 2020’s indelible images has been of motivated young people demanding change. They must employ knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to realize that change. That’s where Civic Nebraska comes in.

Standing Together

Civic health is the civic, social, and political strength of a community. Civic Nebraska is an active connector of these distinct yet interrelated strands – we help weave them together to fortify our state’s civic life.

No Standing Still

A look at our annual budget allocations and where we are going next.

Stand With Us

Our work wouldn’t be possible without you. Your time, energy, and financial support have delivered civic education and service-learning skills to thousands of Nebraska students. You have strengthened civic life in communities across our state. And you have advanced the most precious of rights – to vote.

Creating a more modern and robust democracy for all Nebraskans.


David C. Solheim, J.D., Attorney, Solheim Law (Chair) * Linsey Camplin, J.D., Attorney, McHenry Haszard (Vice-Chair) * Matt Schaefer, J.D., Attorney and Lobbyist, Mueller Robak LLC (Secretary) * César Garcia, Executive Director, Southside Redevelopment Corp.(Treasurer) * Cliff McEvoy, M.P.A., Philanthropy Director, Kids Can * Elizabeth Everett, M.A., Policy Associate, First Five Nebraska * Drew Davies, Owner, Oxide Design * Carol A. Subiabre, Ph.D., Lecturer of Spanish, Nebraska U. * Yohance Christie, J.D., City Attorney, City of Lincoln * Omaid Zabih, J.D., Senior Strategy Director, Nebraska Appleseed * Tim Hruza, J.D., Associate, Mueller Robak, LLC * Preeta Bansal, J.D., former New York solicitor general, senior White House official, and U.S. diplomat * Eric Gerrard, J.D., Attorney/Lobbyist, Eric Gerrard LLC (non-voting)


Eric Gerrard, Attorney/Lobbyist, Eric Gerrard LLC (Chair) * Milo Mumgaard, Executive Director, Legal Aid of Nebraska * Becky Gould, Executive Director, Nebraska Appleseed * Judge (Ret.) Jan Gradwohl * Alison Armstrong, Community Advocate * Eric Berger, Associate Professor of Law, Nebraska U. * Mike Battershell, President, Bergman Incentives* Patrick Jones, Associate Professor of History and Ethnic Studies, Nebraska U. * Nicki Behmer, Associate, RE/MAX Concepts * Katy Anderson, Associate Attorney, Chaloupka, Holyoke, Snyder, Chaloupka & Longoria, PC, LLO * Thompson Rogers, Chairman, Affiliated Companies * Sue Quambusch, Community Liaison, Nebraska Giving Realty * Charlyne Berens, Professor Emeritus of Journalism & Community Advocate * Scott Eastman, Associate Professor of History, Creighton U. * Charles Coley, Executive Director, Abendmusik at First-Plymouth