Our work wouldn’t be possible without you. Your time, energy, and financial support have delivered civic education and service-learning skills to thousands of Nebraska students. You have strengthened civic life in communities across our state. And you have advanced the most precious of rights – to vote.

How You can Help

Join us. Call 402.904.5191 or email info@civicnebraska.org for volunteer opportunities.

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Donate. We immediately put your financial support to work in Nebraska communities.

Defending Democracy with Planned Giving

Planned giving means long-term sustainability of our democracy-building work.

To learn more, contact Director of Development Liz Potter at 402.904.5191, liz.potter@civicnebraska.org.


Katie Nieland, layout and design; Steve Smith, writer and editor; Kylie Graham, Gwyneth Bauer, Bergen Johnston, photographers


Adam Morfeld, Executive Director & Founder; Amanda Barker, Deputy Executive Director & Director of Civic Health Programs; Julie Ward, Assistant to the Executive Director; Liz Potter, Director of Development; John Cartier, Director of Voting Rights; Kent Day, Director of Youth Civic Leadership; Westin Miller, Director of Public Policy; Steve Smith, Director of Communications; Alexis Bromley, One Omaha Director; Nancy Petitto, Collective Impact Lincoln Director; Brad Christian-Sallis, Voting Rights Field Director; Nicholette Seigfreid, HR Manager; Bridgette Foerster, Finance & Administration Coordinator; Sarah Cohen, Grants Associate; Shari Kimble, Youth Leadership Programs Manager; Renae Ninneman, Youth Leadership Programs Manager; Brianna White, Director, Sherman CLC; Equasha Smith Gooch, Director, Lothrop CLC;

Tracy White, Director, Trailblazers Afterschool Academy; Victor Ortiz-Morales, School Community Coordinator, Campbell CLC; Levi Eggers, School Community Coordinator, Randolph CLC; Michael Bandy, School Community Coordinator, Northeast High CLC; Chelsea Egenberger, School Community Coordinator, Lincoln High CLC; Kara Nelson, School Community Coordinator, Raymond Central Before- & After-School; Kieran Kissler, Collective Impact Lincoln Community Organizer; Daniel Bennett, Civic Health Program Manager; Chris McCurdy, Civic Health Education Specialist; Alex O’Hanlon, One Omaha Engagement Coordinator; Michael Van Sant, One Omaha Leadership Coordinator; Margaret Marsh, Voting Rights Field Organizer; Mike Forsythe, Voting Rights Field Organizer; Heather Engdahl, Voting Rights Field Organizer; and more than 100 part-time staff creating a more modern, robust democracy.