Global pandemics. Economic meltdowns. Racial violence. Political turmoil. Any single one of these ills can rattle the foundations of our democracy. In 2020, they converged all at once. The result, as we’re all aware, has been widespread pain across our state and country.

We are often reminded that we live in “uncertain times.” Yet, from our perspective, many important things have remained unchanged. Throughout this extraordinary year, as we’ve worked to connect more and more Nebraskans to civic power, we can’t help but be encouraged by what we’ve experienced. People are standing up to be heard, many for the first time.

In 2020, we were reminded that Nebraskans are sincere and work hard; they are brave and compassionate; they innovate and are community-minded. And, as Civic Nebraska has redoubled efforts to strengthen our state’s civic spirit, our fellow Nebraskans have proven once more to be resilient, vigilant, and optimistic. Better days are ahead for our democracy. Because Nebraskans don’t run away from history – we make it.

This is the story of Civic Nebraska in 2020. A story of how, when the world went dark, we stepped up to continue linking key communities to civic power. A story of how, amid unprecedented disruption and social change, we’ve lifted up democracy in our streets, our schools, and the halls of government. And a story of how we have innovated to serve our state in new ways while holding firm to our core principles.

We often say that Civic Nebraska creates a more modern and robust democracy for all. It’s a declaration that, of course, we hope inspires action and progress. But for meaningful progress there must be unshakeable faith in a set of values. We must stand fast.

We hope you enjoy this look back – and ahead – and resolve to join us in our mission.


Adam Morfeld, J.D.
Executive Director and Founder

David C. Solheim, J.D.
Chair, Board of Directors


Community is built on trust and engagement.

Community is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re better when we work together. A community thrives when people trust each other, and we show up for one another.

Innovation leads to continuous improvement and greater impact.

We embrace new ideas and put them into action. We learn together today so we can implement change tomorrow.

Learning creates pathways to participation and progress.

We are driven to advance learning as an act of civic engagement. Learning in all its forms strengthens us and our community.

Power is inherent in every person.

We connect people to power and believe that power should be shared. Anyone can lead change in their community.

Optimism is a driving force for change.

We believe that our work matters and expect to make an impact. We’re optimistic about our democracy, and we’re hopeful for Nebraska’s future.