Civic Nebraska @ the Statehouse: Day 1

The 106th Nebraska Legislature convened Jan. 9 and Civic Nebraska was there. Throughout the 90-day session, we'll bring you updates on important legislation and opportunities to take action.


Wednesday marked the beginning of the 2019 Legislative session. With a new year comes a renewed effort to advance voting rights for all Nebraskans. We are confident that with your help, we will accomplish great things this session that will leave an impact for generations to come. 

The 2019 committee chairs have already been chosen. You will find that list below. Over the next few days, the chamber will decide the complete committee assignments. You can find the 2019 Senate roster here. That will then lead us to bill introduction. Be on the lookout for the makeup of the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs committee — this is where most of our bills are assigned. 

Once bill introduction begins, we will let you know what to watch out for and how you can make a difference in our mission to modernize elections in Nebraska.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already done so, voting rights advocates can update information with us here so we can be most effective with our advocacy work. 

 Thank you for your continued support and all that you do to preserve every Nebraskan’s access to the ballot box.

For more on Civic Nebraska’s voting rights initiatives, click here.

John Cartier, J.D., Director of Voting Rights

2019 Nebraska Legislature Committee Chairs

Agriculture – Halloran

Appropriations – Stinner

Banking – Williams

Business and Labor – M. Hansen

Education – Groene

General Affairs – Briese

Government, Military and Veterans Affairs  – Brewer

Health and Human Services – Howard

Judiciary – Lathrop

Natural Resources – Hughes

Nebraska Retirement Systems – Kolterman

Revenue – Linehan

Transportation and Telecommunications – Friesen

Urban Affairs – Wayne

Rules – Crawford 

Enrollment and Review – Slama

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