THINK MAKE CREATE mobile labs unleash creativity, curiosity

Our mobile makerspaces let youth question like a scientist, design like a technologist, build like an engineer, create like an artist, and deduce like a mathematician – all while playing like a kid.


What if, at the next family-friendly event you and your family attend, your kids come away with more than the usual stuff like painted faces and balloons?

What if they had a fun, safe environment to unleash their creativity and curiosity?

What if they could question like a scientist, design like a technologist, build like an engineer, create like an artist, and deduce like a mathematician – all while playing like a kid?

That’s what THINK MAKE CREATE labs let them do.

Our innovative mobile makerspaces – 6-by-12-foot trailers full of fun interactive games, projects, and activities – have popped up at events around Lincoln and Omaha over the past year. The transportable labs provide groups, organizations, and events high-quality, hands-on STEAM activities for young people.

THINK MAKE CREATE labs are dynamic units and carry customized extended-learning programming for all ages. They’re tailor-made for after-school programs, faith-based programs and events, birthday parties, block parties, family reunions, daycares and preschools, Vacation Bible School, Girl and Boy Scout events, and camps – pretty much anywhere you can drive a truck!

Young people learn best when they’re engaged in hands-on games, projects, and activities, and involved in what they’re learning. That’s why each lab is stocked with supplies to power more than 50 high-tech, low-tech and no-tech projects. Best of all, the labs come to you, complete with easy-to-read project guides for adults.

The mobile labs allow local youth to tinker, explore and problem-solve. Tinkering and “making” occurs outside of the trailer on tables and pop-up canopies, or inside your event space. 

“THINK MAKE CREATE programming teaches children the Eight Habits of Mind – to observe, express, engage, and persist; to envision, stretch explore and reflect – and to understand the world around them,” said Chris McCurdy, Civic Nebraska’s TMC lab manager in Lincoln and Omaha. “Our mobile labs also help young people develop a growth mindset on their journey to becoming lifelong learners.”

Learn more about how the mobile makerspaces build the next generation of innovators, inventors, and leaders – while they have fun. To reserve your THINK MAKE CREATE lab, contact Chris at or call 402.904.5191.

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After School Programs

  • Sherman Elementary School

    5618 N 14th Ave.
    Omaha, NE 68110

  • Lewis and Clark Middle School

    6901 Burt St.
    Omaha, NE 68132

  • Lothrop Magnet Elementary

    3300 N. 22nd St.
    Omaha, NE 68110

  • Campbell Elementary School

    2200 Dodge St.
    Lincoln, NE 68521

  • Lincoln High School

    2229 J St.
    Lincoln, NE 68510

  • Lincoln Northeast High School

    2635 N. 63rd St.
    Lincoln, NE 68507