Our communities are stronger when we own them together. And when we are more connected to one another and to institutions, we are better positioned to solve local problems.

Nebraska's Civic Health stats

Civic Nebraska presents updated data on how Nebraskans do in social connectedness, community engagement, and political involvement. Presented for the 2020 Civic Health Virtual Summit Attendees on May 19, 2020.
 Presenters: Amanda Barker and Daniel Bennett, Civic Nebraska’s civic health team

1. Civic Health Summit Data  (from 5.19.20)

Community Builder Workshop

Now more than ever, communities matter. Collective Impact Lincoln conducted a virtual Community Builder Workshop for neighborhood advocates on May 16, 2020. This interactive event outlined community assets and needs, how to identify neighborhood goals and build project plans, and discussed our current situation and systems.
 Collective Impact Lincoln community organizers  


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