Tell state senators: Vote-by-mail works

A bill to allow more Nebraska counties to request implementing all-vote-by-mail systems is one committee vote away from making it to the floor of the Nebraska Legislature.


LB163, a bill introduced by State Sen. Megan Hunt of Omaha to allow more Nebraska counties to request implementing all-vote-by-mail systems, is one committee vote away from making it to the floor of the Nebraska Legislature.

Support for this voter-friendly bill continues to grow. In the past few days, both the Scottsbluff Star-Herald and the Lincoln Journal Star have weighed in on LB163’s common-sense goals. “Mail-in voting works and all Nebraska’s 93 counties should have the right to consider using the option. To achieve this, LB 163 must be approved by the Legislature,” the Star-Herald wrote. And the Journal Star said: “All-mail elections need to be praised in the same vein as early and absentee voting for their success in allowing more citizens to cast a ballot.”

We need your help to get this bill to the next step in becoming law.

Today, please take a few moments to call Sens. Tom BrewerMike Hilgers, and John Lowe, who are members of the Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee presently uncommitted on LB163. Please call even if these senators do not represent your district. Let them know that Nebraskans want equal access to vote-by-mail elections.

Sen. Tom Brewer: 402.471.2628

Sen. Mike Hilgers: 402.471.2673

Sen. John Lowe: 402.471.2726

Here is a sample script you can use:


My name is_________. I’m a resident of ________ county and

I wanted to call and urge Senator (Brewer/Hilgers/Lowe) to side with Nebraskans and our voices by supporting LB163. I believe all counties should have the option to explore vote-by-mail. Please let the senator know LB163 would be good for their constituents and the entire state of Nebraska.

We appreciate you taking action. If you speak with senators or their staff members, please help us record their response by clicking here.

Thank you for all that you do,

Brad Christian-Sallis
Voting Rights Field Director

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