Defend democracy. Start a Voting Rights Advocacy Team.

As we turn toward 2020, the fight for voting rights is more critical than ever. That’s why we are intensifying our efforts to identify, train, connect, and activate Voting Rights Advocates across Nebraska.


At Civic Nebraska, we believe that voting is the foundation of our democratic system. It is the fundamental right upon which all of our other rights are built. For more than a decade, Civic Nebraska has led a statewide effort for more pro-voter policies, investment, modernization, and improvement of our elections. And we continue to fight against any and all attempts to add barriers to the ballot or to make voting more difficult.

As we turn toward 2020, the fight for voting rights is more critical than ever. That’s why we are intensifying our efforts to identify, train, connect, and activate Voting Rights Advocates across our state. Throughout 2019 and 2020, we are forming Voting Rights Advocacy Teams in neighborhoods and communities across Nebraska.

Many of our Advocates have already answered our call to create and lead local Teams in their area of the state. We’re going to use every second before next November to build up as many Teams of Voting Rights Advocates as possible.

Here’s how.

As a member of a Voting Rights Advocacy Team in your town or neighborhood, you’ll be our boots on the ground to organize other area voting rights advocates; mobilize voters in your community; become a trained nonpartisan election observer; and join us on our monthly statewide calls to share information, resources, and strategies.

You won’t be in this alone. Civic Nebraska will offer training opportunities on organizing, voting rights policies, advocacy, and more. We’ll also provide you and your Team members access to the resources you need; provide opportunities to share your Team’s stories on Civic Nebraska’s website and social media channels; and connect you with other Voting Rights Advocates across the state.

Building an Advocacy Team

All that is required to launch a Team is you. Let us know you’re interested, and we’ll help connect you with others in your area. Then we’ll give you the tools and guidance to create Voting Rights Advocacy Team leadership roles and duties, and provide continuous support as you identify others to join and/or lead your local Team.

Not interested in taking on a leadership role, but still want to be a part of a Team in your area? That’s cool. We’re looking for as many Nebraskans to get trained as nonpartisan election observers; to plan and host policy/advocacy trainings for their communities with the support of our staff and their local Team president; to amplify calls to action through their individual networks and social media channels; and to help recruit new members. Let us know where you live and we’ll find you a local group to contact.

Fired up? Ready to go?

Ready to get rolling? Just let our Voting Rights Field Organizers know. If you live in Lincoln or Omaha, Civic Nebraska’s Mike Forsythe is ready to guide you through the Team-building process. If you’re in Greater Nebraska, Civic Nebraska’s Margaret Marsh can answer all of your questions and provide the help you need to launch or join a Team.

We all have the power to participate in our democracy. That means we can build power in our communities and create meaningful change. As Nebraskans, it’s our duty to defend our democracy, our voices, and our right to vote. Get involved today!

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