Introducing youth to civic engagement allows them to more easily develop critical thinking, civic leadership, and civil discourse skills. Young people who can think critically about, and make meaning of, societal issues are better able to navigate their individual environments – and succeed in them.

Stocking up a new pantry, building up democracy

Amy Hernandez, who attends Civic Nebraska’s Randolph Elementary School Community Learning Center, is a democracy-builder. When the pandemic pushed our programs online, Amy and her mom Cecilia checked out CIVIC U. Here, they looked into our summer mini-grant program for community improvements. The result came Friday with a brand-new Little Free Pantry at Proyecto Cultural, 2222 Y St. Check out this story from our own Michael Bandy, Lincoln Northeast’s Community Learning Center leader.

Through Your Eyes: Graphic Novel Storytelling

From Civic Nebraska Circles Coordinator Maranda Loughlin, here’s a multimedia guide to understanding, creating, and sharing a graphic novel picture journal based on your life and experiences. Updated regularly with new themes, ideas, and frames!

Read-Aloud: Wilma Jean The Worry Machine

Everyone feels fear, worry, and apprehension from time to time, but when these feelings prevent a person from doing what he/she wants and/or needs to do, anxiety becomes a disability. This fun and humorous book addresses the problem of anxiety in a way that relates to children of all ages. It offers creative strategies for parents and teachers to use that can lessen the severity of anxiety. 

Presenter: Brianna White, Site Director, Sherman Elementary CLC

In partnership with

Community Improvement Mini-Grants

Do you have an idea for how to improve your community? Civic Nebraska and Lincoln Public Schools Community Learning Centers are teaming up to give Lincoln CLC-connected family or student(s) an opportunity to put their community improvement ideas into action! We invite you to start this process by watching the video (left) and then referring to the Project Overview (below), which breaks down each step to apply. We’ve included some additional resources below to help give you ideas on how to develop your idea and plan. Mini-grants are only available in summer 2020 – apply by Aug. 12 to ensure you qualify for funding!

Presenters: Chelsea Egenberger, Civic Nebraska; Samantha Thomas, Lincoln Community Learning Centers

7.28.20: Read-Aloud: Quiet Please Owen McPhee!
7.27.20: Read-Aloud: The Tiny Seed
7.27.20: Read-Aloud: Wilma Jean the Worry Machine
Activities: Penguins and Chameleons!
7.13.20: Read-Aloud: Little Red Riding Hood
Unit: It’s Grow Time! Gardening with Mrs. Smith Gooch
6.29.20: Unit: Healthy Eating with Ms. Johnnisha
6.29.20: Read-Aloud: What’s the Big Deal About Elections?
6.29.20: Read-Aloud: Beautiful Shades of Brown
6.29.20: Read-Aloud: Tool School
6.29.20: Lesson: Our Flags and Their Meanings
6.29.20: Activity: When In Doubt, Vote! 
6.22.20: Activity: My Summer Bucket List
6.15.20: Activity: DIY Rainbow Crayons
6.15.20: Read-Aloud: The Color Monster 
6.15.20: Read-Aloud: Equality’s Call
6.15.20: Read-Aloud: The Seed
6.15.20: Activity: All About Me! Poster
6.15.20: Activity: All About Me! Monsters

6.8.20: Activity: Super Bubble Maker!
Unit: 54321 Go! with Ms. Bri
6.8.20: Read-Aloud: Amazing Sharks!
6.8.20: Read-Aloud: I Voted
6.8.20: Read-Aloud: Lillian’s Right To Vote
Explorin’ with the NRD: Bullfrogs

6.1.20: Activity: Homemade bird feeder
6.1.20: Lesson: Discover trees with the NRD!
6.1.20: Activity: Banana in a Blanket
6.1.20: Read-Aloud: Grace for President
6.1.20:Read-Aloud: The Hard Hat For Kids
6.1.20:Read-Aloud: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn
6.1.20: Unit: 54321 Go! with Ms. Bri
5.25.20: Read-Aloud: One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote
5.25.20: Read-Aloud: Catfish Kate
5.25.20: Activity: Calm-Down Bottles
5.18.20: Activity: (Inside) Gardening for Healthy Eating
5.18.20: Read-Aloud: Mama Built a Little Nest
5.18.20: Activity: Soda and Mentos!

5.11.20: Unit: The Hero in Me!
5.11.20: Lesson: Engineering a Garden Bed
5.11.20: Mothers’ Day Essay Contest
5.11.20: Read-Aloud: I Was So Mad!
5.11.20: Activity: Spring Yoga
5.5.20: Lesson: Exploring the Solar System
5.4.20: Activity: COVID Heroes
5.4.20: Read-Aloud: The Star Wars Storybook
5.4.20: Gardening Safe & Fun w/Mrs. Smith Gooch
5.4.20: Eat healthy! MyPlate w/Ms.Johnnisha
5.4.20: Read-Aloud: The Dog Poop Initiative
5.1.20: Physical Activity with Ms. Johnnisha

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