Spring Gardening: It's Grow Time!

Gardening is fun and produces healthy food to eat! Follow along with Mrs. Smith Gooch and others as they create easy interactive lessons and activities for you to try. 
Presenters: Equasha Smith Gooch, Civic Nebraska Lothrop Magnet CLC

1.  Introduction (from 5.4.20)
2. Engineering a Gardening Bed! (from 5.11.20) + Lesson Plan
3. Easy (Inside) Gardening When It Rains! (from 5.18.20) + Lesson Plan
4. Making a Green Salad! (from 5.25.20)
5. Gardening Bed update (from 6.15.20)
6. Gardening is So Peaceful (from 6.23.20)
7. NEW: Cucumbers! Tomatoes! Peppers! (PowerPoint) (from 7.6.20)

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