All you need is love (and our 2022 valentines)

Share the civic love this Valentine's Day weekend with our homemade valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! It’s become something of a tradition for Civic Nebraska to offer up a few “civic missives” for democracy-lovers this time of year. We hope our valentines help spread lots of civic love, because love is at the heart of everything Civic Nebraska does. That powerful affection for our state and country drives us forward, and we take it very seriously.
This is more than we can say, however, about the thought we tend to put into our annual Valentine offerings. Yet, here we are again – with a half-dozen dandy Valentine’s Day gifts for you to share with your civic circles. Enjoy the weekend!

We like how Rick rolls.
The Union and the Constitution, forever.

We have a soft spot for bee puns. That’s because our mascot is the mighty honeybee – a creature that together with its hive-mates practices a form of winged democracy. Send this one to your honey, honey.

It’s an election year! It’s an election year! The Nebraska primaries are on May 10, and here are all the key dates you need to know. Mainly, right now you need to know that it’s time to get registered to vote! Do it today!

U-S-A! U-S-A! We love the Olympics, a biennial opportunity to literally cheer for our country with unabashed patriotism. Go, America, Go!

As Carnac the Magnificent, Nebraska’s own Johnny Carson had the mystic ability to divine the contents of sealed envelopes. So here’s one for your sweetie – with extra Valentine’s Day points if the recipient happens to be from Cherry County.

Bird-loving and/or spacebar-challenged Americans will be celebrating lots of Superb Owls this weekend. We’re partial to Hedwig, and to a modern and robust democracy, of course.



Your friends and neighbors at Civic Nebraska 


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