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Election 2020 Q&A with County Clerks

Garden County Clerk Mindy Kezar, Scotts Bluff County Clerk Kelly Sides, and Civic Nebraska Director of Public Policy Westin Miller field questions about the Nov. 3, 2020, election. Common questions around how mail-in ballots work, how county election officials safeguard against fraud, and the need for poll workers in November.

The Long March Forward: Religion and Voting Rights

In today’s edition of The Long March Forward, our ongoing series about the history of voting rights, Margaret Marsh of Civic Nebraska is joined by Jon Marx, committee chair for Nebraska Counts, to discuss the history of religious requirements to vote.
 Presenter: Margaret Marsh, voting rights field organizer

Stocking up a new pantry, building up democracy

Amy Hernandez, who attends Civic Nebraska’s Randolph Elementary School Community Learning Center, is a democracy-builder. When the pandemic pushed our programs online, Amy and her mom Cecilia checked out CIVIC U. Here, they looked into our summer mini-grant program for community improvements. The result came Friday with a brand-new Little Free Pantry at Proyecto Cultural, 2222 Y St. Check out this story from our own Michael Bandy, Lincoln Northeast’s Community Learning Center leader.
6.30.20: Lesson: Truck Farm: Pollinators
6.29.20: Read-Aloud: Beautiful Shades of Brown
6.29.20: Read-Aloud: Tool School
6.29.20: Lesson: Our Flags and Their Meanings
6.29.20: Activity: When In Doubt, Vote!
6.29.20: Unit: Graphic Novel Storytelling
6.26.20: Community Spotlight: Lulu’s on N
6.23.20: Lesson: Truck Farm: Gardening 101
6.23.20: Unit: It’s Grow Time!
6.22.20: Empowered Minds
6.22.20: Unit: A Young People’s History: Black Protest and Civil Rights
6.22.20: Activity: Summer Bucket List
6.15.20: Mindfulness: Have You Ever …?
6.15.20: Activity: DIY Rainbow Crayons
6.15.20: WhyArts of Omaha: Zectangles
6.15.20: Read-Aloud: The Color Monster
6.15.20: Unit: A Young People’s History: WWII & Cold War
6.15.20: Read-Aloud: Equality’s Call
6.15.20: Read-Aloud: The Seed
6.15.20: Activity: All About Me! Poster
6.15.20: Activity: All About Me! Monsters
6.8.20: Activity: Super Bubble Maker!
6.8.20: Mindfulness Monday: Empathy
6.8.20: Unit: 54321 Go! with Ms. Bri
6.8.20: Read-Aloud: Amazing Sharks!
6.8.20: Read-Aloud: I Voted
6.8.20: Read-Aloud: Lillian’s Right To Vote 
6.8.20: Lesson: Explorin’ with the NRD: Bullfrogs
6.1.20: Activity: Homemade bird feeder
6.1.20: Lesson: Discover trees with the NRD!
6.1.20: Activity: Banana in a Blanket
6.1.20: Read-Aloud: Grace for President
6.1.20: Read-Aloud: The Hard Hat For Kids
6.1.20: Read-Aloud: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn
5.25.20: A Young People’s History: Hard Times
5.25.20: Mindfulness Monday: Moods
5.25.20: Unit: It’s Grow Time! with Mrs. Smith Gooch
5.25.20: Activity: Calm-Down Bottles with Mr. Levi
5.25.20: Read-Aloud: One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote
5.25.20: Read-Aloud: Catfish Kate & the Sweet Swamp Band
5.25.20: Activity: Journaling Through the Pandemic
5.18.20: Community Spotlight: Asian Community & Cultural Center
5.18.20: Unit: 54321 Go! with Ms. Bri
5.18.20: Mindfulness Monday: Social-Emotional Learning
5.18.20: Activity: Gardening for Healthy Eating
5.18.20: Read-Aloud: Mama Built a Little Nest
5.18.20: Activity: Soda and
5.11.20: Lesson: Engineering a garden bed
5.11.20: Unit: The Hero in Me!
5.11.20: Mindfulness Monday: Be Present
5.11.20: A Young People’s History: Conflict at Home & Abroad
5.11.20: Activity: Spring-themed yoga
5.11.20: Read-Aloud: I Was So Mad
5.5.20: Lesson: Exploring the Solar System
5.4.20: Unit: The 3 Little Pigs
5.4.20: Unit: A Young People’s History: Solidarity!
5.4.20: Activity: COVID Heroes
5.4.20: Read-Aloud: The Dog Poop Initiative
5.4.20: Activity: Garbage to Garden Gold

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