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Voting is our most cherished democratic right. Without it there is no prospect for change, no method to hold our leaders accountable, no way for our values to be represented. YOU have the power – and we’re here to make sure you always do.

Our communities are stronger when we own them together. And when we are more connected to one another and to institutions, we are better positioned to solve local problems.

Introducing youth to civic engagement allows them to more easily develop critical thinking, civic leadership, and civil discourse skills. Young people who can think critically about, and make meaning of, societal issues are better able to navigate their individual environments – and succeed in them.

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We’re experiencing a civic slide: Americans of all ages increasingly struggle to understand their government as well as their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Forming A More Perfect Union engages and educates students from kindergarten through high school – and beyond – in key aspects of citizenship and civic life. To get started, choose a grade level to find lessons, activities, and resources. 

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