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Curated civic resources that enrich civic learning for middle school students.

Civic Heroism

Explore what it means to be a civic hero! In this WebQuest, students learn about their civic responsibilities and consider how citizens translate everyday civic duties into acts of heroism and engagement.


Are you an expert on U.S. citizenship? Put your knowledge to the test with Sortify.

Reverse the Odds

Citizen Science: Mini puzzles help creatures called “Odds” restore their lives/homes. Creatures known as the “Odds’,” world is falling into decline. Help them by completing mini puzzle games and upgrading their land, and restore the Odds to their lively selves. You will be contributing to a real study on cancer.


Students can observe and record the weather outside their school and send it to real scientists at a university.

Shelter Dog “Rehoming” Study

Do your students have/like dogs? Do their grandparents and neighbors? There are games and puzzles about these dogs that kids can do to help real scientists.

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