Strengthening Democracy: The Bay (Rabble Mill)

The Bay (Rabble Mill) is our 2021 Outstanding Community Partner.


Each year, Civic Nebraska’s Strengthening Democracy Awards recognize Nebraskans whose work embodies the spirit of a modern, robust democracy. Among our 2021 honorees are educators, administrators, students, and everyday Nebraskans. We’ll officially honor the winners on April 29, but before then, here’s a chance to learn a bit more about what makes them special. 

Civic Nebraska honors The Bay (Rabble Mill) as its 2021 Outstanding Community Partner for its distinguished record of community-building. For years, The Bay has engaged with young people across the state, from providing skateboarding classes and equipment to providing unique creative opportunities to building self-esteem and resilience.

Its affiliate, Rabble Media, focuses on topics such as skateboarding, music, art – and civic engagement. Before the 2020 election, Rabble Media approached Civic Nebraska to join in a project called NE Young Voters. Through youth-focused messaging, the project educated 18- to 24-year-old Nebraskans about voting and encouraged them to participate in the election.

The Bay and Rabble Mill are essential community resources, most recently evidenced during this past pandemic winter. The Bay twice donated its space as well as its parking lot and worked with Civic Nebraska to mobilize youth to package and distribute personal protective equipment to the public. On two separate Saturdays this winter, The Bay and Civic Nebraska distributed more than 1,000 free COVID-19 protection kids to local families.

These projects were just a few examples of The Bay and Rabble Mill living their values – and embodied their popular rallying cry – #CantCancelCommunity.

“In every instance, The Bay and Rabble Mill have put the community first. This matters deeply to their mission and to Civic Nebraska’s mission as well,” said Kent Day, Civic Nebraska’s Director of Youth Civic Engagement, who made the nomination. “Year after year, Rabble Mill has shown up, has opened up its doors, and has been a consistent leader in our community conversation on issues that matter.”

Meet our friends from The Bay (Rabble Mill) and their fellow honorees on April 29 at Civic Nebraska’s Strengthening Democracy Awards. April 29

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