No hindrance: Say no to Nebraska’s voter ID scheme

We encourage Nebraskans to stand up for our state’s values of honesty, fair play, and duty to one another by saying no to voter ID.


On July 7, 2022, Civic Nebraska issued the following statement after the submission of a petition seeking to impose strict voter ID requirements to vote in Nebraska.  

“This is not a surprise. The politicians aiming to rewrite our state’s Constitution have been well-funded and organized, to the point that they employed an army of paid out-of-state circulators to sweep the state. These paid circulators secured signatures by all means necessary, including using several questionable tactics – confusing Nebraskans about the object of the petition, misrepresenting who was behind it, and ignoring our state’s basic legal requirements to obtain signatures. We have carefully investigated these instances and are preparing for the next phase of opposition to this harmful initiative.

“For thousands of Nebraska voters, voter ID would be a hindrance and impediment to freely cast a ballot. Our state proudly entered the Union at the forefront of the voting rights fight; from the very beginning, Nebraska’s state Constitution enshrined powerful protections against unnecessary barriers to the franchise. This hasty rewrite seeks to extinguish these protections, while at the same time reducing Nebraskans’ ability and opportunity to vote.

“As longtime observers of Nebraska’s elections, we know this: They are safe, they are secure, and they are the envy of the nation. The voter protections in our state Constitution are essential to a just and representative society, and they are far too important to be undone by measures driven by innuendo and fear. 

“Ultimately, this is in our fellow Nebraskans’ hands. Now is the time for Nebraskans to stand up for our state’s values of honesty, fair play, and duty to one another by saying no to voter ID.”

Those interested in learning more can visit for information, resources, organizing materials, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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