Protect our nonpartisan Legislature

Our state senators must have the freedom to vote for who they believe is most qualified to serve in leadership roles at the statehouse.


If you’ve been following the news, you know that our state senators are under pressure to dismantle the nonpartisan nature of the Nebraska Legislature. Failed gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster has used his wealth to demand legislative candidates and sitting senators end the use of private ballots when selecting internal leadership at the statehouse. At least 24 of 49 senators have agreed to do so.

We need your help to protect our nonpartisan Legislature. We want senators to have the freedom to vote for leaders who they believe are most qualified to serve in those roles – not simply because they are of the same political party. Private leadership votes are already protected by statute for local governments and are widely used in other legislative chambers across the country. We DON’T need our senators bowing to pressure from the wealthy to fundamentally alter how the Legislature operates.

Many of these senators also intend to change rules regarding the filibuster, which enables the minority in the Legislature to further debate bills they view as too extreme. Over the years, the filibuster has proven to safeguard rural concerns or to protect against outsized corporate interests, for example.

These rules are critical to maintaining our nearly 90-year tradition of nonpartisan collaboration. They make Nebraska’s senators more equal and independent and result in policies that better serve the entire state.

Contact state senators now and insist that they support Nebraska’s tried-and-true rules and traditions that promote nonpartisanship.

Returning senators to contact
Joni Albrecht
John Arch
Bruce Bostelman
Tom Brewer
Tom Briese
Rob Clements
Robert Dover
Steve Erdman
Suzanne Geist
Steve Halloran
Ben Hansen
Mike Hilgers
Mike Jacobson
Kathleen Kauth
Incoming senators to contact
(Mail only until Jan. 4)

[State Senator’s Name]
District #____
State Capitol, PO Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509-4604

Christy Armendariz, District 18
Barry DeKay, District 40
Brian Hardin, District 48
Rick Holdcroft, District 36
Jana Hughes, District 24
Teresa Ibach, District 44
Loren Lippincott, District 34
Brad von Gillern, District 4
Other senators to contact
Ray Aguilar
Tom Brandt
Mike Moser
Julie Slama

Thanks for all that you do,

– Your friends and neighbors at Civic Nebraska


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