Voter ID: Speak up March 1 for voting rights

Our state senators need you to add your voice to this discussion so that they fully understand the costs, complications, and consequences of all three voter ID proposals.


We’ve got another big voter ID hearing coming up. At 1:30 pm CST on Wednesday, March 1, in Room 1525 of the Nebraska State Capitol, the Nebraska Legislature’s Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee will hear testimony on three voter ID bills. This is in addition to LB535, which was presented to the committee on Feb. 1.

Our state senators need you to add your voice to this discussion so that they fully understand the costs, complications, and consequences of all three voter ID proposals.

The bills

LB675 (Sen. Jen Day) – The only legislation among the crop of voter ID bills that would provide necessary accommodations for voters to counteract the inherent problems voter ID will create. Read more about LB675 here.

LB228 and LB230 (Sen. Steve Erdman) – Together, these bills would eliminate vote-by-mail, sharply raise requirements to register, and create new criminal punishments for both voters and election workers who may unintentionally not comply with reams of additional restrictions and requirements. Read more about these bills here.

How you can participate

›› Because the bills all propose imposing voter ID but vary in how they would administer the new restriction, the March 1 hearing will play out differently than usual. Instead of hearing testimony from proponents, opponents, and neutral testimony on each bill in order, the committee will consider the three bills at the same time. This is being done in the interest of time, and to prevent repetitive or duplicative testimony.

››  What this means for in-person testifiers: Come ready to weigh in on all three bills – even if you support one, none, or all of the measures.

›› If you’re unable to deliver your testimony in person: Please submit an online comment by noon Tuesday, Feb. 28. Unlike in-person testimony, online comments can be submitted on a bill-by-bill basis.
– Comment on LB675
Comment on LB228
Comment on LB230

Need help with your testimony?

Please join us on Zoom at 6 pm Sunday, Feb. 26. We will discuss what to expect at the hearing, write testimonies, and then practice. Register for the virtual session at this link.
Thanks in advance for all that you do. This is an opportunity for us all to impress upon our senators that voter ID is complicated to implement, and they must be aware of the multi-layered consequences of imposing such requirements in Nebraska.

Heather Engdahl
Director of Voting Rights
Civic Nebraska

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