Empower change: Ban source-of-income discrimination in Lincoln

An open letter from our partners with Collective Impact Lincoln.


Collective Impact Lincoln and our community partners urge the Lincoln City Council to introduce an ordinance that bans source-of-income discrimination in our city.

This reform not only aligns with our community’s shared values but also resonates with our recent achievement of surpassing our initial goal of 300 petition signatures. Now, we’re setting our sights higher, aiming to gather 500 signatures to amplify this call for change.

The challenge of source-of-income discrimination

Source-of-income discrimination allows the denial of housing based on tenants’ income source, such as housing vouchers. This unjustly impacts low-income families, recipients of public housing assistance, and others who rely on various forms of income.

These include those who receive Social Security, disability benefits, veterans affairs housing vouchers, single parents depending on child support, and hourly workers without a guaranteed monthly salary.

Empowering change and reaping benefits

We stand for the rights of those who face barriers in securing housing. This proposed reform would substantially reduce the voucher failure rate, providing stability for families working to escape the cycle of poverty. Moreover, studies have consistently revealed that ending such discrimination promotes integration and diminishes racial segregation in communities, a step towards a fairer society.

Inspiration from across the nation

Many states and local jurisdictions have already demonstrated the effectiveness of laws that outlaw source-of-income discrimination. Vibrant cities like St. Louis, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Columbus, and Memphis have implemented similar reforms without adverse effects on property values or community safety.

A call to action

Celebrating our collective achievement of surpassing 300 signatures, we’re now setting our sights on the ambitious goal of 500 signatures. Let’s keep the momentum alive and push for meaningful change that will protect housing rights and create an inclusive future for all Lincoln residents. Join us in urging the Lincoln City Council to act now.


We have already made significant strides in support of housing rights. By banishing source-of-income discrimination, we’re ensuring equitable housing opportunities for every member of our community. Let’s harness our passion and drive to continue advocating for change that will uplift and transform Lincoln into a more just and inclusive city.


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