A record year for ‘Cap Days’

In the past year, our Capitol Experience Day program served 1,057 participants – more than ever before.

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. This maxim, however, does not apply to Capitol Experience Days, a Civic Nebraska flagship program that offers hands-on civic engagement to youth and adults from across the state.
In the past year, Capitol Experience Days served 1,057 participants – more than ever before. It’s a huge milestone that we’re determined to surpass in 2023-24, but not without recognizing the collaboration and cooperation that go into “Cap Days,” as we call them.
What happens at a Capitol Experience Day? The entire day is designed to reinforce critical thinking, civil discourse, and the governing process through interactive programs and presentations. It’s a daylong deep dive that is convened entirely at the Nebraska State Capitol and is a beyond-the-headlines look into how state government works. Youth, college students, adults, and community groups all have passed through the program and have left with a greater understanding of and confidence in our public institutions.
Participants in the program may tour the Capitol, meet with elected or appointed officials, practice the art of debate through mock hearings, learn about Nebraska’s unique history, and identify how they can work together to build a stronger community through civic leadership. By the end of this day, participants in the Capitol Experience Day program are inspired and empowered to be more active, more engaged citizens.
Don’t take our word for it, though. Here’s what students in Kimbrie Vlach‘s senior government class from Central Valley High School said about their recent “Cap Day,” where they had valuable one-on-one time with their state senator, Tom Briese of Albion, who answered students’ questions and asked a few of them himself: 
Capitol Experience Day is customizable, and Civic Nebraska can develop a specific curriculum tailored to the needs of any group. We’re experienced in working with educators, specialists, and community leaders to make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of the age group, individual interest, and/or subject matter. 
And, we’re always recruiting volunteers from the community to help with Cap Days – a great way to spend a weekday if you have the time and interest in reinforcing your own knowledge of Nebraska’s unique state government. Reach out to Cap Day Coordinator Audrey Nance for more information.

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