A week for educating and activating voters

National Voter Education Week educates, motivates, and activates eligible U.S. voters. Here's how you can participate.

Voters, especially new voters, don’t always know where to go for information to help them cast their ballots. That’s where National Voter Education Week comes in.
In an odd-numbered year featuring no major statewide elections, our current efforts support the gear-up for 2024’s pivotal elections. That means helping eligible voters understand the voting process, register to vote, and make informed choices.
Also: On Tuesday, Oct. 3, Civic Nebraska will be at the Saunders County Historical Museum as part of enrichment programming around the traveling “Voices and Votes: Democracy in America” Smithsonian exhibit. We’ll be showing off our new TROVE voter turnout tool to examine rural voter turnout.  Join us from noon to 1 pm at 240 N. Walnut St. in Wahoo!
Join in with one simple action each weekday this week:

Monday: Register to vote/check your status

This is an easy one: Use Nebraska’s robust voter registration website to either register for the first time or to confirm your registration status. This is the fastest, easiest way to join – and stay among – the ranks of Nebraska’s 1.2 million-plus registered voters.

Tuesday: Understand mail-in voting

With no major statewide elections in fall 2023, Tuesday runs the risk of being a “cheat day.” The window in Nebraska to request a vote-by-mail ballot begins in January, so you’ve got a little bit of time if you plan to vote absentee this year (Nebraska is a no-excuse state, so any registered voter can request an early mail-in ballot for any reason, no questions asked). In the meantime, spend a few minutes today getting familiar with Nebraska’s new ID requirements, particularly if you expect to vote by mail in 2024.

Wednesday: Make a voting plan

A voting plan ensures participation by encouraging us to envision ourselves voting and identifying any possible barriers we might encounter in advance. In the months before our next election (May 2024), you can develop a plan to vote by asking questions like Will I vote via early mail-in ballot or will I go to my polling place? What time will I be voting? Where will I vote? How am I going to get there? Who else can I bring with me? Can I leave work? Do I need to get childcare? and Do I have all the required documents to vote? 

Thursday: Learn about the 2024 ballot

An informed electorate is a stronger electorate. Avoid that “Whoa, we vote for THAT?!” moment with your ballot by researching the candidates and issues, as well as understanding what races will be on the ballot. Here’s our (very) early look at the May 2024 elections, which we call Decoding The Ballot.

Friday: Help others!

Educating yourself about our elections, the voting process, and the power of voting matters. Educating friends and family so they, too, can get #VoteReady matters even more! Share this checklist with at least three other eligible voters and urge them to complete it now in preparation for 2024. Don’t delay – the 2024 elections will be here before we know it.   
For more information about Nebraska’s upcoming elections, visit our 2024 Election Central hub at CivicNebraska.org. We’ll be updating and adding to it throughout the election season.  

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