Electoral College: We’re prepared to bring the question to voters

On April 3, 2024, Civic Nebraska issued the following statement about last-minute efforts to end our state's current Electoral College allocation system.

“More than any other state, Nebraska’s one-house Legislature requires lawmaking to be deliberative. Our Unicameral emphasizes thorough discussion and consideration of proposed legislation, ensuring that state laws reflect our state’s different perspectives and interests. Unlike national politicians, a vast majority of Nebraskans understand that such a methodical process takes time, which is a precious commodity in the legislative calendar. A last-minute attempt to change the state’s long-standing law undermines this well-honed process. It circumvents the necessary scrutiny and debate essential for effective policymaking, compromises the integrity of the legislative process, and risks a reckless, ill-conceived law with unwelcome consequences.
“If the Nebraska Legislature succumbs to this last-minute pressure from outside interests, Civic Nebraska is prepared to bring this issue to Nebraskans via referendum in November.”

Update: 4 pm CDT April 3

On Wednesday, State Sen. Julie Slama filed Amendment 3339 to LB1300, a bill introduced earlier this session by State Sen. Eliot Bostar. The bill was originally intended to prepare and secure the state to minimize the disruptive impact of a potential conflict precipitated by foreign adversaries against allies, democratic countries, and the U.S. Armed Forces in the Pacific theater. AM3339 establishes a winner-take-all system in Nebraska. At last estimate, debate on the bill and the amendment will begin this afternoon or evening. It’s important that your voice is heard – contact your state senator today and urge them to vote NO on adopting the amendment.

Update: 8 pm CDT April 3

After a short amount of debate, Amendment 3339 to LB1300, was considered “not germane” to the bill and was dropped. The amendment, which needed 23 votes to survive, failed 36-8. 
This is likely not over. National politicians and pundits are exerting extreme pressure to move votes and break a potential filibuster. Stay vigilant and be ready to activate, Nebraskans.
In the meantime, keep calling and contacting your senators. It’s important that your voice is heard on this matter.

Update: 10 am CDT April 5

This morning, Speaker John Arch said on the floor of the Nebraska Legislature that “the time for adding bills to bills is over,” putting an end to speculation from national media outlets that senators would attempt today to change the way Nebraskans’ votes are counted in the Electoral College.

This is encouraging news, but given the intensity of the national attention giving rise to this last-minute effort in our state,  we will continue to closely monitor the discussion at the statehouse. 

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