5 things about Courtney Albrecht, CIL intern

Interns bring new energy and ideas to Civic Nebraska. This semester we're pleased to welcome Courtney Albrecht to work with Community Organizer José Lemus and Collective Impact Lincoln. We appreciate Courtney's enthusiasm for the role – as well as her green thumb.


Hello there! My name is Courtney Albrecht and I am the new Collective Impact Lincoln intern at Civic Nebraska. I am taking a victory lap at the University of Nebraska (I am going into my fifth year at the university) and will be graduating in December. I major in agricultural leadership and communication and minor in psychology. I am so excited to be working with Civic Nebraska! 

Here are five things about me.

I’m from Kearney. In high school I was involved in a variety of school clubs and sports. My favorite sport by far was pole vault! My senior year of high school I finally qualified to compete at the Nebraska State Track and Field Championship meet in pole vault.

I have been a teaching assistant for two different classes in college. One of the courses was Foundations of Leadership Theory and Practice, in which I facilitated a small group of students on coming up with solutions to address different real-world situations. I also was a teaching assistant for Leadership and Diversity in Organizations and Communities. It was incredible being able to witness students analyze their beliefs about diversity and cultural differences, and apply diversity and leadership models to a variety of situations.

I have a huge love and passion for animals. This past summer, I finally got a kitten of my own named Lew. I spent my summer living in Greater Nebraska for an internship that was focused in Garden County. One of the towns I worked in was Lewellen. Since I got Lew from a friend in Garden County, it only seemed fitting to name her Lew Ellen.

I have a slight plant and flower addiction. When friends or family come to visit, they usually assume at least some of the plants in my house belong to my roommates. But they’re all mine. Some of my plants are currently seeking asylum at the Civic Nebraska office because my cat either bites them, plays with them, or knocks them over.

I enjoy baking and cooking, but by far enjoy eating the most. My love of baking and cooking comes from helping my grandma in the kitchen growing up. I adore my mom, but cooking has never been one of her strengths, though she tries her best! Some favorite things I have made with my grandma are pies, kolaches, chicken and noodles, and popcorn balls.

We’re glad to have Courtney with us at Civic Nebraska. Join us in welcoming her to the team this semester – she’s at civichealthintern@civicnebraska.org.

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