Voter ID debated TODAY.

Today we honor Dr. King's legacy. Help us continue his fight for voting rights.


Today, we honor Dr. King’s legacy. Help us continue his fight for voting rights.

50 years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Today in Nebraska, your legislature is debating Voter ID and 3 other troubling bills. Will you help us honor Dr. King’s legacy by fighting to defend voting rights? Call your Senator now and tell them to vote NO. 

Here’s an easy call script that you can use:

Hi, my name is ______________. I’m a constituent of Senator ___________ and live at (address) and I wanted to call and urge the Senator to stand up for Nebraskans by opposing LR1CA, LB1065, LB1058 and LB1115. These bills are threats to our freedom to vote, and bad for the entire state of Nebraska. Thank you.


  • LR1CA – Would change Nebraska’s constitution to add in mandatory Voter ID.

  • LB1065 – essentially this is Voter ID Lite™. Creates electronic poll books that include your photo. If a poll worker doesn’t think you look like your photo that day, in order to prove your identity you must appear before the election commissioner within 7 days or your ballot will not be counted.

  • LB1058 – So called faithful delegate bills like LB1058 are an attempt to make bills calling for a constitutional convention seem safer than they really are. LB1058 is part of a long-term plan to call a constitutional convention to pass a national balanced budget amendment, which could devastate the Nebraska state budget.

  • LB1115– This bill would make gerrymandering much worse by removing the estimated number of non citizen from the population count used to draw maps. This would also affect Supreme Court and Public Service Commission election districts. This would drastically alter legislative districts in areas that have a high percentage of non-citizens.

Call your Senator now and tell them to vote no on these bills! If you need help contacting your senator or want clarification on these talking points, please give me a call at 402-312-3266.

Thank you for helping us protect Nebraska elections!

Brad Christian-Sallis
Policy Organizer
Civic Nebraska

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